Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aliwan Festival

I could use an energy refill from you if life is like Mafia Wars. I came late to a Digital Photographer Philippines Mandaluyong Group rendezvous. I was the only one they're waiting so we could go to MOA. I was quite hesitant because of the weather. Damn sunny. Real sunny.

There was only like 12 delegates on the 1Million-prize-contest. Every group represents a province outside the metro. Every team donned colorful garments, make-up and even hairstyles. I don't know if this list completes the Contingents:

1. Panagbenga Festival – Baguio City
2. Kiling-Kilingan Festival – Penablanca, Cagayan
3. Caragan Festival – Mabalacat Pampanga
4. Halamanan festival – Guiguinto Bulacan
5. Halamang Dilaw – Marilao, Bulacan
6. Boling-Boling Catanauan, Quezon
7. Lapay Bantigue Festival – Masbate
8. Kasanggayahan Festival – Sorsogon
9. Dinagyang Festival – Iloilo City
10. Kasag Festival – Banate, Iloilo
11. Pasaka Festival – Tanauan Leyte
12. Tuna Festival – General Santos City
13. Tamfaken Lum-alay – Tampakan South Cotabato
14. Zamboanga Hermosa Festival – Zamboanga City
15. Buklod Festival – Maguindanao
16. Padang Padang Festival – Parang Maguindanao
17. Talakudong Festival – Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat
18. Pakalog Festival – Pasig City
19. Pajotan – Kalookan
20. Sinamba sa Paraw Regatta – Iloilo City
21. Lakbayaw Festival – Tondo

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Contingents were obviously tired even before the street parade started. All dried up from the sun. Good thing water was abundant, SM people took the advantage selling water for 20pho. I know the original price is 18php inside the mall.

Photographers, pro or not are also over the place taking every shot they need.

As the contest started, I had to rest at the back of the photographer's area and decided to go home later on. I didn't want to see the street dance at all. All my energy has been used. I couldn't stand the heat of the sun.

Anyway, here are some of the moments I have captured. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Any sense of this thought?

Just a thought before I slept last night. I prayed to God and thanked Him for always being there for me and my family. Not to give up on me, no matter what happens.

The idea of election came into my mind, because the last thing I remembered from the news was this group of people fasting and praying so that the Nation may have a peaceful election on May 2010.

Am I to ask God for a peaceful and honest election? Then I thought again, I know God is powerful and I know he can make things possible but this is on people's hands now. I was thinking about the Dirty truth about an honest election. You know what I mean? Elections can be easily manipulated, I'm not saying PGMA will manipulate this coming elections but we all know what candidates are also capable of.

People are resilient over the hunger for power.
What is it in power? Why does everybody wants to rule the world?
Isn't it the hardest thing to do?
Why would anyone want that?
I know I wouldn't.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sis' Prenup

Have you ever witnessed a silent wedding mass? Well, I don't think its gonna be silent at all.

We are currently working on my sister's wedding and needed a sign language interpreter for their interview, seminar and wedding. Karen and Dale are special people, deaf and mute, so we fix everything on this marriage cuz we, the family are the ones who can communicate with people.
Dale's Mom and sis went to Bicol and had a nice venue reserved for the occasion. Also got a catering service booked on July 5.

Wasn't really planning to make it for a prenup shoot but since My photographer friend, Miko gave an OK to shoot late afternoon, we decided to buy Karen a simple white dress to compliment his soon to be hubby, Dale bringing a white polo shirt and a black tie.

It was really late, we planned to shoot in Cagsawa but it was too dark already, we made it to Sto. Domingo though, there is this forever-been constructed bridge and along side is a ruin.

Didn't really get a good shot when I took the first 3 clicks so I decided the pro to take all the shots. Miko was the one who took all the shots and there's this shot Miko took and the lava was visible on the Mayon Volcano crater (First Photo).

Best Wishes to both of you. Mwuahz! ☻☻☻

Thursday, April 8, 2010


A local falls in Tabaco City where my hometown is. This is the first time I saw the place and I even thought it was a newly discovered falls. My friends says this has been there for quite some time without my knowing. Good thing I came to see it now cuz I dont need to go trekking. We went all the way by car. And just went down about 50 steps and there it is.

The place is secluded and located past Brgy. Comun. I'm not good at distances so I can't say how far it is from my place. I went to Vera twice on my six-day vacation, Mom, JIng and Kil just brought a pitcher with water cuz we just planned to check it out. Water was no use, Kil spilled all of them before we got there. No need to worry cuz one side of the falls was a huge bamboo hinged in between the mountain where the fresh water runs.

Second visit was quite planned cuz we were able to bring kakanin and fruits.
Mayon Volcano was visible on its way and I love the fresh air that brushes my skin, it was cold amidst the forest. If I could only stay for long.

Enchantment for kids

Everyone might feel getting back to good all days when visiting this place. I even feel younger when I see carnivals.
Camille's boyfriend, Dave came to visit and we took him to Enchanted Kingdom.

This is the third time I've been to this enchanted place meant for kids and I never fail to be amazed even under the sun shining day.