Monday, April 19, 2010

Sis' Prenup

Have you ever witnessed a silent wedding mass? Well, I don't think its gonna be silent at all.

We are currently working on my sister's wedding and needed a sign language interpreter for their interview, seminar and wedding. Karen and Dale are special people, deaf and mute, so we fix everything on this marriage cuz we, the family are the ones who can communicate with people.
Dale's Mom and sis went to Bicol and had a nice venue reserved for the occasion. Also got a catering service booked on July 5.

Wasn't really planning to make it for a prenup shoot but since My photographer friend, Miko gave an OK to shoot late afternoon, we decided to buy Karen a simple white dress to compliment his soon to be hubby, Dale bringing a white polo shirt and a black tie.

It was really late, we planned to shoot in Cagsawa but it was too dark already, we made it to Sto. Domingo though, there is this forever-been constructed bridge and along side is a ruin.

Didn't really get a good shot when I took the first 3 clicks so I decided the pro to take all the shots. Miko was the one who took all the shots and there's this shot Miko took and the lava was visible on the Mayon Volcano crater (First Photo).

Best Wishes to both of you. Mwuahz! ☻☻☻
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