Thursday, April 8, 2010


A local falls in Tabaco City where my hometown is. This is the first time I saw the place and I even thought it was a newly discovered falls. My friends says this has been there for quite some time without my knowing. Good thing I came to see it now cuz I dont need to go trekking. We went all the way by car. And just went down about 50 steps and there it is.

The place is secluded and located past Brgy. Comun. I'm not good at distances so I can't say how far it is from my place. I went to Vera twice on my six-day vacation, Mom, JIng and Kil just brought a pitcher with water cuz we just planned to check it out. Water was no use, Kil spilled all of them before we got there. No need to worry cuz one side of the falls was a huge bamboo hinged in between the mountain where the fresh water runs.

Second visit was quite planned cuz we were able to bring kakanin and fruits.
Mayon Volcano was visible on its way and I love the fresh air that brushes my skin, it was cold amidst the forest. If I could only stay for long.
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Christian Lucas Sangoyo said...

Ganda naman jan!!

Kat Tampoco said...

sama kayo minsan christian pagnakauwi ulit ako.