Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Unlucky but good day.

Friday, May 14th.

I am headed for a photoshoot with friends.
My friends Ren and Bam just arrived from Oman and needed me to bring the wedding souvernirs to Lancaster Hotel where they were staying. It's Friday, Mamang Pedicab can't get me a taxi outside the apartment so I decided to take the jeep since Gretel was already at the Shaw MRT station. I have a backpack, a body bag. and 2 plastic bags with the wedding souvenirs. I managed to bring all of them to where I was going except for one, my precious iPhone :(

I tried to call Gretel before I get in the train but I saw it approaching so I hurriedly put it in my pants right pocket. I am aware that there was like 10 people including me, waiting for other passengers to alight the train. I was the first person to enter the train but people were rushing to get in. As soon as I got in, I put the 2 plastic bags and checked my phone. It was gone. Shaw is the next station from Boni, I even checked the train If the phone just fell off but it was long gone. I waited for about 15-30mins near Shangri-la for Gretel hoping she'd pass by but didnt see her. I even asked to page her and was paged for about 4x. I thought Gretel was real impatient, got pissed off already. As I was about to leave I asked the guard if no one went looking for me and thank God she was on her way there.

She said she was really pissed off. But as soon as she learned someone took my cellphone, she gave way and she said she's gonna give me all the right to get mad. LOL.

Went over to Lancaster.
No internet. I have other friends, waiting for me.
Toti was already agitated, but felt sorry.
Dhanelle and Paula was patient enought to wait for me. They were still there at Betty Go when we got there in a cab.
They said they were calling me but the bastard who took my cellphone was cancelling the call.
My last problem was Margot, I couldnt get an internet connection or even Gretel's GPRS failed.

We were already at Mark's house where there was this notebook in a dollhouse.
There was a free wifi access from the mansions beside their house. Ayus!
Was able to make a wall post in Facebook looking for Margot, she didnt read the message.
Thanks to Angel for providing the number. Margot was patiently waiting in Gateway.
Meet-up is supposed to be 9am. I called past 12pm.

Summer Goddesses was a success.
Thanks for Mark and Tita for the venue, models Gretel Margot and Paula.
Photogs Dhanelle and Toti.

Good thing there was a photoshoot to divert my attention of my snitched cellphone.
I have a new one now sooo. I know I can no longer bring it back. I dont know how Tracer works cuz I dont have a Serial Number noted.

The after party was hilarious I got drunk with Cuervo.
Thanks for making it a good day super friends!
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