Monday, August 30, 2010

Cebu City, Philippines Part II

Second day was falls day. Three things to hate on this day:
1. Did not bring a tripod - running water photos were really bad.
2. It rained the night before the day we went to visit. - Water colors wasn't blue, it was like a coffee with cream
3. Since it rained, the steps were slippery.2 Things I enjoyed: 1. Food was great even if the serving isn't that big.
2. The raft was fun under the water falls, got a free massage!

Third day was slow, we only have one place to go, Mango Factory. It was the 7D Factory, we didn't find the unpacked dried mangoes and the per kilo being sold. Instead, we got this cheaper dried mangoes, sealed with its famous packaging. The mango candies were great including the mango puree. Factory prices are always way much cheaper.

Well, not to mention tracking of these products that adds up the prices when delivered to grocery stores. Fourth day was the most tiring but the most adventurous, Off we went to Plantation Bay Resort, a five star hotel and resort. This is the most gorgeous place I've seen in Cebu, located at Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City. We got a little pissed cuz the taxi driver said we might pay 300-500 for the taxi fare. Instead the meter only reached just a hundred and .... He doesnt know the place. He even dropped us off to the wrong place. Good thing it was just a block away from the gate. Yes, we still have to walk through the receiving area which was like 50meters away. They have a couple of Korean hotel receptionists. And Voila! there in front of you is the 11.4 hectare amenities. I love the saltwater lagoons and freshwater pools. Totally awesome landscapes with its different islands surrounding Plantation Bay.

Another destination was Lapu-lapu shrine. The place is like a school playground. As soon as you walk inside, little school girls in maroon colored uniforms are walking and chatting. Some of them were playing and some of just there chatting with friends. What makes the place nice is that it cleanliness is being observered and fresh air is exemplary.

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Fickle Cattle said...

That place looks gorgeous. The raft shots were interesting, it felt like I was playing a first person video game.

Fickle Cattle

Katherine Tampoco said...

Even better if it wasn't raining. :)