Monday, August 30, 2010

Cebu Trip

We went to Cebu City as a travel hop for my birthday on the 20th. Cebu is well known for exporting dried mangos and the yummy danggit! Also known as established by Spaniards with its rich culture and as a catholic region. I do admit that I didnt like the weather, it was also cloudy.

We took the 4am flight to cebu since we have planned to go to Kawasan Falls in Badian which will take 2.5-3hr-bus ride. It was past 6am when we reached Cebu City so we decided to go the next day. First off, we went to eat to Abuhan restaurant. They have 3 branches calles Abuhan, Abuhan Dos and Tres. We went to a nearby hotel branch which is Abuhan Dos, just beside Robinson Mall. Abuhan's specialty is pochero. I didnt have an idea how pochero looks like until it was served right in front of me. I described it as a bulalo look-alike, tastes like bulalo but better. And I thought it was color red. I love the soup, its pork were big together with some bones. I love the taste of ginger.

A calm and serene place located on a mountainside lies the Taoist Temple. It has a fascinating view overlooking the city and its along side mountains. Fresh air, lush gardens, shrines and Taoist Gods statues. The place is neat, maintained by Filipinos. And oh, great news, its free! Just No picture taking of the statues and be silent. This is a sacred place.

Cebu City is a smaller version of Manila but of fresher air and cleaner streets. The only tallest building visible to me was Crown regency where you can try some adrenaline rush for its Skywalk Adventure. No, I didn't want to try. I thought, they will be charging me for waiting. Waiting when to get ready to get myself into the edge of the building. I'm not ready for that. Speaking of Christian, Sto Nino Basilica. Typical Spanish Church. Though with a very nice nave ceilings with its dome paintings. When you go out of the church there's this hallway that leads you through the church offices and a souvenir shop. The hallway was filled up with old paintings, from the history of Magellan's introduction of Christianity to Lapu-lapu and the portraits of parish priests who served terms in the church.

The sky was cloudy, there was a little fall of rain. We still managed to go see Fort San Pedro, similar to Intramuros, more maintained and has more to see. Old bricks, walls, historic corridors in chateaux with some old house and war canyons. There are some nice plants, flowers and trees too.

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