Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chinese Garden: Singapore

“Pai Hung Ch'iao” or “White Rainbow Bridge”

I felt like updating today. This has been long overdue entry like a year ago. 
So, as I have started with these photos I have thought of coming to this park for a friend's shoot. Of course, I thought of featuring the place as well. 

Where: 1 Chinese Garden Singapore 619795

Hurray Admission is free!

This is a long way from Changi Airport, about 27 MRT stations. If I remembered it right. Not to worry because this has an MRT station of its own, alight at Chinese Garden station. Located West region of Singapore. Your travel time will be all worth it though.The amazing landscape is based on Chinese gardening art. The first thing that made my jaw dropped was the splendid landscaping. Its a huge place, as always if its a park here in Singapore. There will always be enough space for you to run everywhere. 

Just a piece of advise though, go there when the sun is about to set. Although there are covered courts to walk through, it can be extremely hot to stroll along the garden paths. I had a pail of sweat after the shoot.