Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cloud Forest, Singapore

The wonders of the gardens continues here at the cloud forest. Its main attraction here is the 35-metre tall mountain, filled with tropical plants from the highlands.

DSC_7692 copyDSC_7697 copy

As you enter the forest-like hall, the magnificent waterfalls comes with the coolest air right in front of you. The water come from the topmost of the mountain they built and it almost looks so real. Down the foot of the mountain-ish, is a chilly feel while you enjoy the crystal clear sprinkles like a child waiting for the rainfall to drop.

DSC_7786 copyDSC_7773 copyDSC_7771 copyDSC_7761 copy

I can never forget the succulent garden and The Baobabs - they were like the ones from Plants vs Zombies. I catched a few of exotic looking plants like these and I apologize to have missed their names. The only plant I am familiar of is the ferns, maybe some are pretty much familiar but I have yet to know their names.

DSC_7754 copyDSC_7722 copyDSC_7730 copyDSC_7732 copy

The wall of the mountain is amazing as you try to ascend the platform. Starting from the lower level which they call, the Treetop and from there, is an elevator going the themed Lost World. There were no dinosaurs, but the surrounding were made like a dinosaur-era. It will soon be familiar as you step into the abyss, having seen the pitcher plants and fly-traps. These were the plants in the Brandon Frazer movie. I think it was The Journey to the Center of the Earth, if I remember it right. 

DSC_7799 copy

On your way to the exit, you will see the large wall which has a projector setup for a documentary on Climate change. The ambiance is quite appalling seeing what's happening teaches yourself to be a little paranoid when a tragedy catches you. Well, yes its going to happen but I hope people should be more concern of the surroundings. See what the short documentary has taught me? It's always a good thing to be aware. Since I've been here in Singapore, I have made myself aware of my surroundings. I don't litter. Even when I was in Manila I don't throw garbage anywhere. I dispose garbage to its rightful place.

DSC_7749 copy

Another floor on your way down, they call The Cavern and Crystal mountains where it exhibits mineraology and stones with different shapes. They look more of the ones you see on caves but they are in white (or dirty white) colors.  DSC_7782 copy
DSC_7721 copyDSC_7759 copyDSC_7719 copyDSC_7709 copy

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Flower Dome, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay is the best place your family for amusement in Singapore. It should be the number one on your To Go List!

DSC_7625 copyDSC_7619 copyDSC_7624 copyDSC_7647 copyDSC_7649 copy
Flower dome is one of the biggest icons of Gardens by the Bay. Featuring a wide variety of flowers and a spectacular experience of nature inside a man-made structure called a greenhouse. The greenhouse is made of glass like eggshells that panels every window of this dome. 

DSC_7328 copyDSC_7634 copy copy
DSC_7620 copy

Once you step foot inside the greenhouse, you are breathing cool air vent while warm air goes out. It was screaming heat that day and I was overwhelmed by the cool temperature inside. I wished we don't have to go out. But no, you have to go out, the best landscapes are out so carry yourselves out in the open. 

DSC_7325 copy
DSC_7586 copyDSC_7587 copyDSC_7588 copy

There are gardens made to list the different sceneries here so I have quite a number of flowers, beware of heavy photos. The gardens are:

The Australian garden 
The South African garden  
The South American garden  
The Mediterranean garden  
The Californian garden

DSC_7614 copyDSC_7592 copyDSC_7645 copyDSC_7583 copyDSC_7357 copyDSC_7363 copy 

Some of the beauties I found in different gardens are not common ones, some are labeled but some are not. I just love taking photos of flowers they come in different forms and colors.

DSC_7550 copyDSC_7547 copyDSC_7480 copyDSC_7434 copy
DSC_7350 copyDSC_7334 copyenchanting redDSC_7381 copyDSC_7433 copy

If you want a quick view of the Supertrees outside, you can click here for a revisit.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Siliman University, Dumaguete City

I just realized I still have one more place to feature from the City of Gentle People. Our fourth and last day was a blast. We no longer intend to roam around and already packed up from the Majestic Siquijor. We took the 9:30AM trip and as expected, it was still a bumpy scary fast craft ride. 

DSC_7257 copy

We were just glad that our feet meets the land sooner and he managed to board on the upper deck. We opted for a earlier schedule to avoid any delay to catch the plane in Dumaguete. We still got to eat at Jo's Inato, again, and drop by Silvanas for pasalubong. We were more than 3 hours early and I never knew they don't allow people to come in the local airports in 2 hours. 

DSC_7271 copyDSC_7265 copy

Good thing Tara lived near the airport. She arrived with her maroon van and we were thankful she was willing to tour us around the oldest American institution in the city. It was their Foundation day and there were activity booths in the University. 

DSC_7262 copyDSC_7244 copy

The feeling isn't new seeing the old structures. Some has recent renovations done. The most modern though is the Luce auditorium which I didn't take a photo since we were inside the van when we passed by. I am one lazy a**. I know.
DSC_7277 copy
Amphitheater, Silliman University
DSC_7279 copy

We did manage to tour around for about one and a half hour. And had another one and a half hour to wait for the flight. Unfortunately, the flight was delayed for almost an hour. Is there anything new in that? What is there to do but wait.

DSC_7284 copyDSC_7281 copy