Saturday, March 30, 2013

Krabi, Thailand

We went around October last year.

Majestic entourage

Resort in a cliff

Krabi is new in the list.

I have just learned the 3 Main Islands to go to Thailand are:
1. Phuket
2. Krabi
3. Koh Samui

I had a limited time to prepare, I think I had a month to do research for our hotel, restaurant to go. Plane tickets, island transfers etc but still managed to booked everything we needed before the date.

What my husband and I loved about Thailand is everything can be very cheap. From hotel to food. You can almost eat everything, meaning meat, veggies, fruit juice and a dessert in one meal.

Why Krabi is better than Phuket?
Krabi is like the other side island of Phuket. From Krabi, you can also get to the famous islands like, Khai Nok, Maya Bay, James Bond and Phi-phi. 

That is why they called it Chicken Island

Fish feeding
Poda Island, very serene but there's another side which is full of trash disposed inappropriately.

Tup Island, fertility cave

Register to for affordable hotels wherever you may go.

I get to earn points and avail it as discounts for my net travel. So, I chose this hotel from Agoda:
Its another boutique style, bungalow type and the rooms are huge. The bungalow type we got has a king size bed and one single bed for two person! Can you imagine any better space than this? They replace the towels and bedsheets and also 2 free bottled water everyday.

The hotel is also offering island hopping activities so we decided to get it from there where we got a half priced discount on its second person. Island hop destination is
Phra Nang Cave, Tup Island, Chicken Island and Poda Island. Activities such as swimming, snorkelling, exploring and photography are to enjoy.

Try to research which restaurant has good reviews from tourists since this is what we missed when we went there. We just tried one restaurant, unluckily it was overpriced for the amount of food they served. I forgot the name, it was Italian named. I'm not sure if this photo at the bottom is the resto, there's like 3 resto with the same banner design like this.

The food in Aonang Cliff is very good so If you're going its better to get the food from there.

Second best part of going Krabi, is the town beach. Ao Nang beach, a tricycle ride will get you there. Hotel provided every hour. The beach is real different from Phuket, its very clean and has a finer sand.

Third but not the least. Krabi Blue and Crystal Lagoon. I am so amazed to see a crystal-colored lagoon in Palawan but whats more amazing is the other lagoon you can see here is a real blue one. This is well preserved by the people there so, this is off limits. Can take photos but sad to say, you cannot swim here. Don't get so sad because you can swim all you want at the crystal lagoon. 

Also a hot spring nearby.

We also booked ourselves to kayaking where its literally island hop while rowing. It's been a good experience, we were out for about 4 hours. Nature's view was spectacular.

Koh Samui, here I come. Soon. 
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