Friday, March 29, 2013

Phuket, Thailand

At long last.

Phuket is my 2nd Foreign dream island to go to. Located south-west coast of Thailand in Asia. I've always been attracted to blue green water. And immediately fall inlove in seconds. Phuket is known for its spectacular tropical beaches with white sands and its beautiful Islands. 

Phuket Beach
Phuket Beach

Phuket Beach

The breath-taking Maya Bay

We booked a boutique style hotel about 5-min ride with a tuktuk going to the beach. Hotel has a 30-min interval free ride. If you can still walk it is good to walk through your way back to the hotel to explore the place more. We passed along a pretty much numerous food stalls. Sometimes, you can't choose what to eat because the choices are tons.  Some of them even have their mini-wet market style. Fresh as advesrtised. 

Famous "tuk-tuk"

Chose this resto, San Sabai since we happened to be starving already from a long swim. Tried Tomyam, took a risk ordering a spicy one since almost all of the food comes in spice = hot! I thought I will spoil my own dinner for ordering one but thanks to the cook it was very tasty soup, spicy .. really. You can even see the chillis used. Also don't forget to try cereal prawn. It is a chinese restaurant originated but Thais cook this dish well. Its a shame though, when I saw a Padthai cart near the beach, I chose to buy a creme because I wanted something cold then. But now, I eat Padthain everywhere I see it in Singapore.

Cereal Prawn
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