Sunday, March 31, 2013

Subic, Sorsogon Philippines

Sorsogon is a 4-hour drive from our Town, Tabaco Albay.

I saw this beach online and I thought it's my next beach destination. Its local and its cheap. I don't have to spend a penny when I'm home.

There is a port or pier at this location where you have to leave your car. Try to get a Barangay Tanod whom you can trust with regards to paying someone to watch out for the car. A group of locals will approach you to get their service for the boat ride, so choose by instinct. 

A side trip to a fish pond will bring you to an amazing view. Lots of fishes for feeding. The water is crystal. I saw lobsters at the bottom but it was too dark to take a photo unless I dive in. Take a look, its breathtaking.

It was just a 30-min boat ride. The beach is surprisingly beautiful. Clean and the water is so clear. Beach huts are to be rented, I think its only 150php for the whole day. We  bought seafood and meat from the market at the port and we had barbeque, grilled fish and had a local lady cooked the rice for us. 

Water activity is just swimming. But I can assure you, you will definitely have fun just swimming all day here. This beach is not commercial so you get to enjoy a real serenity and landscape without too many people swimming in the water. For photography, you'll be glad there's no stranger at your background :))  

HDR-processed photos from this Scenery.

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