Saturday, April 27, 2013

Coron, Palawan Philippines

Coron, Palawan is where the best islands and beaches lies.

The bluest and cleanest water I've seen and the best lakes you can swim in.

Four years ago, I didn't give much effort on this travel. Camille did all the planning and booking. I realized it was quite pricey after the vacation.

But hey, it was all worth it. We had lots of fun and I'm thinking right now when I will be back out there.

This island is truly amazing, every island we hopped in is worth the journey especially,

1. Coron Town. Although its a shame we didn't get a time to climb the stairs to the famous Hollywood style mountain top where the letters C-O-R-O-N was built. We did get to walk around town, played billiards in a bar and ate a surprisingly tasty pizza with sunny side up eggs. I will never forget this pizza for its unique toppings and its truly delicioso!

2. Kayangan Lake. This is a very deep lake unbelievable turquoise -colored water. This is actually the best spot in Coron. I wouldn't leave the place If I didn't have to.

3. Malcapuya. Also an unforgettable place for me, the boat ride made me crazy. If there was a wide space in the boat. I felt like I've been to crazy town running around looking stupid over some high waves bumping our small boat. You have to get there yourself and see what makes the long beach different from the others. Amazing place.

4. Maquinit. Wide space of hot nature spring. Foreigners love the hot water flowing. I was hesitant to dive in because I was never a fan of hot water unless, I have to bathe in a cold weather.

5. Seiti Picados. Where tons of fishes and sea urchins breeding grounds are. 

6. The lovely Twin Lagoon, you will see the lagoon by diving off the boat and get into the cave underneath where you will see tons of fishes. 

7. Japanese shipwreck. I didn't see much, but the girls were pretty scared when they tried to look down under. 

8. Islands such as Banana, Banol, and Atuwayan. 

9. And we met a friend, whos a solo traveler from America together with her puppy named, Cullen. Hi Emma! :D

It was in Banol where we caught the sun got tired and finally decided to set. It was my first time just sitting, (after taking enough photos) staring, sighing over at the breath-taking sunset.

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