Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gota Caramoan, Philippines

Caramoan revisited.

This is my second time on this island. I somehow feel uneasy now because It’s also my second time catching fever while on this island. I thought, what’s with Caramoan?  I’ve been in the place for a two period summer times and I always get sick.

I’ll stop there, enough with the not-so-lucky experience. Exposure to King sun was still fun while trying to think that your body being in the water is always soothing. The sun was striking hot in 35 degrees. The water is also hot. But I couldn't think of anything better to do on a summer, do you?

Infact, still donning a highly fashionable sleeve (thanks for the UV protection Speedo!) up until now :D 

There's been a lot of changes since 2008.

We booked with an agency, Caramoan Discovery for the tours. Package includes the accommodation in Gota Village, island hops and a tour guide. Were lucky enough to get Mike, as a tour guy, very shy, kind and have attended our needs in our entire stay in the island.

Early wake-up call, 4am in the morning from our home town. An hour drive going to Nato Port where ro-ro takes us to Caramoan Islands. 

It was a 3d2n-stay. My family decided we stay in Gota Village for they had a very good service and food last year. After we checked-in, we proceeded to the restaurant where it doesn't look like one, didn't get a welcoming service and the food is very pricey, the taste was good but it doesn't justify the price. The serving is small and the price, 220-350 per viand.
Sample photo of an overpriced chicken adobo
Calm water in the morning

This is what the resort looks like: They said this is specifically design for the reality show, Survivor. A lot of countries has hosted the island as a location for the said TV show namely France, US, Sweden, Bulgaria, India and Israel.

Hunongan cove is very famous for making it a luxurious accommodation in the island, where it was barely finished when I first saw the place. 

Matukad is my favorite island for its powdery sand and an uber clear water at its beach front. Aside from that, you can climb up its limestones where a stunning lagoon is located. Jay climbed it up while I waited downhill, I didn't want to hear Mom screaming my name again as I tried climbing it up like when I even tried it in Subic Sorsogon for a cliff dive.

                Lahos, deep waters in between mounted limestones. The water is very clear.

Night time, we decided to go to town for dinner. We ate at a karinderya where we had a scrumptious "kosido". Bought fruits, mangoes and bananas. Also something for breakfast, bread and a cheese spread. 

On our second day, we bought this big fish, 2.8 Kls! Mike grilled it together with a month-watering litsong manok and squids. Nomnom! We waited at the Manlawi sand bar while Mike was busy grilling the fish. There was a couple of cottages where locals also sells shells and fresh coconut juice.

I couldn't remember the rest of the beaches we went to. We ate at a floating cottage. I love the water here. Look! :D

The last activity was snorkelling, and the best part of the sea water is. Cold. Just about right for a very hot weather. Underneath were beautiful fishes. Okay, it was my fault i forgot to bring the supposedly underwater cam. :(

We finished the island hops with a bumpy ride going back. It was about 3 in the afternoon and the waves were not feeling friendly.

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