Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hong Kong

The Fragrant Harbour, Hong Kong in Cantonese.

I wouldn't forget what their national language is, because I was about to argue with a cab driver with a conversation that is lost in translation. I am not going to tell you about it though but I would advise you to learn basic Cantonese words to-know when you go there.  It's more complicated to talk to people unlike Singapore, almost all people speaks in English. People in HK speaks with their native tongue especially those you see in the streets. It's better to rely on your maps before you heat up a small talk. 

Please forgive my crappy photos of the harbour. It was a mistake not bringing a tripod.

What I love in Hong Kong?
It's got the biggest shopping district I've been to.
Everywhere you go is store, $_$ 

Hotel booked with Agoda but their main site is http://www.nathanhotel.com/main.html, It's a little pricey for a not so big space. It's a new hotel so its a neat one. One thing I also noticed with the hotels in HK, they don't have restaurants, so they don't serve free breakfast like the usual freebie you get from a hotel. It means extra budget to spend with.

Second, the weather is cold. Like its 20-22degress. Do not forget your jacket if you go there 4th quarter or 1st quarter of the year. 

In Asia, Hong Kong means Disneyland. A fantasy land for the young minds and for the young at heart. 

Time Square

Places conquered, Disneyland, Kowloon district, Avenue of Star in Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok Markets and Skyscraper Skyline in Victoria Harbour.
It's about night time when we reached the tram, It was a big disappointment for me because the smog was all over the place. If I take a photo from the top view, that is all I will see. Smog. To think of the disappointment no more, we dined-in with a little view. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Restaurant & Market. I'm sure if it was summer, you will have a great view, you wouldnt have to look around to find a spot. Great food and serves amazing mix of drinks with amazing glasses. My sister even had one with blinking lights. 

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