Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ilocos Norte, Philippines

I think I've been to many beaches in 2008. 

                  May 2008.
Ilocos Norte explored. 

I was with my G53 friends back in ADNU. I would never forget all the laughter we had on this trip. 

We rented a van back and forth. It was like 5days on the road, way going up North took us 11 hours. It was never a boring moment!

We left our footsteps at these places:

1. Bangui Windmills. Famous for its windmills obviously. Has big rocks on its beach and a wide landscape of scenery.

2. Blue Lagoon. The photo of this lagoon is so inviting made me crazy excited to see it with my own eyes.

3. Saud Beach Pagudpud. Also a famous beach for its clear water. White sand along with a rich rows of coconut trees. A simple vacation where you can experience living in a rural place. No nightlife. Good home-cooked food.

4. Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. Its a museum. Or should I say a heritage building, where Burgos lighthouse is located.  This heritage is built on a hill overlooking a China Sea. 

5. Patapat Viaduct. 16 kilometers from Pagudpud, this is a long concrete highway built alongside a mountain to prevent an increasing number of motor accidents. 

6. Baluarte. Singson's famous zoo. Entrance is free. It is an interactive wildlife sanctuary for several animals like the giraffes and the butterflies. There were also a large variety of birds placed in front of the zoo, with parrots making noises interacting with the children who couldn't resist touching and talking to them. 
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7. Vigan. The place is well known for being an extensive historic  city. Almost all of the things you see is "Spanish". This is where you buy your souvenirs such as longganisa, eat lechon macau, and cheese corns.

8. Kapurpurawan rock formation. Quite a rough ride towards the place, we also had a tour guide to reach it. Merely about 15-min walk in a dusty road so make sure you bring your sunnies and scarf. It is an amazing view once you climb up the rock formations, overlooking water is peaceful to look at along with the fresh wind that blows your hair.
mountain high

9.  We visited a falls but Its a shame I forgot what its called. Here's some photos anyway. If I remember it right, it was a 20-min walk to this falls. The heat is on as we walk along this passage, big enough a tricycle can go through.

10. Paoay Church and bell tower. There is always a church to visit in everywhere you go for a Catholic. They said this church is known for having a huge buttress, a support wall to protect its body from earthquakes. 

11. Santa Monica Church and bell tower.

You may notice, I had a little improvement on my photos based from these old one eh? I apologise for being such a novice.

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