Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia is a neighbor country of Singapore. The nearest place you could go is Johor Bahru, MY where its only 30mins away by bus. Kuala Lumpur however is a 6-hour tour by coach. It is better to take the ride at night time where you can just lay back and relax or spend the rest of the trip sleeping.

First impression. The streets are very much like Metro Manila. As soon as we dropped off the bus terminal in KL, there is a nearby train station going to the city. They have a quite nice interior, nice cushion and there are separated seats for two's. In the city, they use a smaller train version which they call monorails. I think this is more of a disadvantage in the city because there's more people utilizing this transportation. 

Now the hotel we booked is another boutique hotel. We always chose one because they're really cozy and there's always a touch of nature. The rooms are spacious and clean. I have to agree that hotel this nice is too cheap for its price. 

Jalan Street, famous street of food. You name it, from seafood, satay, and chicken wings! All Malaysian delicacies available including fruits.

Petronas Tower is the best scene in the city. The view is awesome from the underneath. 


272 steps, thats how many you will have to climb up the Batu Cave. It is more like a religious sanctuary as I can describe. The cave is popular because of its rich limestones and with its gigantic Hindu Shrines. This is where the tallest Murugan statue, a Hindu diety stands.  

We were welcomed by friendly monkeys in the neighborhood. I have never seen monkeys this many. Inside the cave we saw temples, paintings and more hindu statues. Outside the shrines and caves are local stores. What interested me is the crowded people in a table where a Indian woman artist does Mendhi henna tattoos. Mendhi tattoos is a temporary ink made of tumeric usually made for special occasions like weddings. Look I had one!

Just adding up KL Tower, not much aside from a nice view at the top but we didn't go there since were already out of budget. 

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