Thursday, May 30, 2013

Arch Enemy, Live in Manila 2009

Alright this is completely a different topic. I have been attending concerts back in Manila. I think I've been missing the gigs and that might be the trigger of this blog entry especially the locals bands in the underground metal scene.

This entry however is no underground, Arch Enemy is my favorite Swedish metal band. I am into female fronted metal bands. And AE has a total kickass vocalist, Angela Gossow with the rest of the original line up, she got hired to replace Johan Liiva. The Amott brothers are doing a pretty good job keeping the band busy. I didn't let this chance pass by. This is my melodic death metal band. For years it was just a wishful thinking that they will visit the Philippines. For all I know, only Japan could afford them to perform in their country. Thanks Pulp for bringing them over. Pulp is the only one who can pull this up anyway, I didn't hear any tough competition in the market.

We couldn't wait til the concert start. I was with my then boyfriend,  now husband and a couple of friends. 

DSC_0009 (2) copy
we were the first ones to enter

We paid for a VIP on this ticket, they're my fave so I want a meet and greet. The concert went well, with an amazing front acts Bloodshedd, Intolerant and Mortal Fear. 

DSC_0035 (2)
DSC_0099 (2)

DSC_0179 (2)

As I have said in my dA blog: The thought of the band was here in the country for a concert is still trying to sink in my mind. I still can't believe that Arch Enemy would make it to the other side of the world and give it a try for a third world country such as the Philippines.

It was indeed true that they were outrageous in performance. Everything from set up, guitar and drums solos were crystal clear. Amott brothers are highly talented musicians. So much skills and melody. Angela is such a goddess, definitely gorgeous in person. Her voice.. an ultimate touch of aggression and heaviness. The band's were just awesome and met my expectations. 


The band's presence packed a crowd to a frenzy. I will never forget the feeling of watching my favorite band right in front of me performing. We were also lucky enough to get in the venue early so we managed to get a place right next to the fence. Amott brothers gave stunning guitar works, Sharlee seems always on a cool riff with his bass and Angela with her unbelievable metal growl and the drum beats raised in metal defiance. It was a perfect scene. 
Song Line up:

We Will Rise
Dead Eyes See No Future
Taking Back My Soul
My Apocalypse


There were some messed ups happened in the meet and greet cuz it really didn't happen. Communication lapsed. I saw the rest of the band, but it wasn't really a meet and greet and that's it. I don't want to elaborate the ugly part.

Some of my photos are up in the Misc Manila folder in Angela Gossow's site. Isn't that lovely? I got pretty excited when one of her staff sent me an e-mail asking for my photos. The first 9 photos are mine. Please click on the hyperlink to see. ッ
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