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Bohol, Philippines

Bohol has a tremendous tourist spots to offer. My husband and I tagged along with my besties on July 2009. This is a place where the list stays on compared to other itineraries in other provinces. Sad to say, time is always something hard to afford. You can't get them all after all.

Panglao island is the first place we went to. We went straight to the resort, Lost Horizon Beach Resort. We had a service van to pick us and at the same time took us to the airport when we departed. I managed to look for the e-mail conversation with a contact from the hotel, Van service is good for 1-3 pax 500.00 only. 700.00, good for 4-10 pax (Note: Quote as of June 2009) The hotel also offers almost all of the tours in the province so if it will definitely help if you inquire all you want in an e-mail: They have an agent online almost all the time on Gtalk until I deleted the contact about a month ago. The resort was quite new, service is OK and the space is just right. Here's a view of the resort.

After the check-in, we immediately checked the beach and discovered it is a line up of different beaches such as Doljo beach, Dumaluan beach and Alona beach. Panglao offers pristine beaches with fine white sands and of course is turquoise blue water. Since we arrive early in the morning, we have decided to go for island hop to Bohol Sandbar. We were about to explore the fish sanctuary in Balicasag but the current was so strong and we were disappointed to see the small boats that could only accommodate 2 people but the boatmen says 5 can ride. We didn't bring waterproof bags for our cameras so we didn't have a choice plus we got a cute kid with us.

Guess who's having a good siesta.
This is the beach after the sandbar, experienced scattered rain shower of Palo Verde leaves.

Tagbilaran City is where most flights lands and where the famous blood compact site of Sandugo is. This monument is often visited by visitors on most tours because of a nice view over the Bohol sea.


Loboc is said to be one of the oldest towns of Bohol. Well known for its floating restaurants that cruise on the Loboc river. The boat is relatively huge that can accommodate about 50 people I think. At the site, you will see several booths where you have to choose which one would you like to ride. Several small companies are hosting the tour. I didn't research which one to ride with we just chose the attractive booth. I dont have a complaint to share with you. The tour includes a buffet lunch consisting all Filipino dishes such as pansit, calamares, grilled/fried/kosido fish, variaties of vegetable home-cooked viands like pinakbet, sitaw and ubod. Buffet also includes different kinds of fruits to choose from, no one will ever get hungry.
Loboc is where Boholenos housed their hometown Children Choir, the same reason why there are local dancers and singers along side of the boat. The tour ends at Busay falls and returns back to its origin.

Sevilla. We had a quick visit of the famous hanging bamboo bridge. Some tried to cross and back and had snapshots while on the bridge. You could easily feel the bridge swaying where other people tries to cross it too. It was free back when we went there, now I heard you have to pay the price of a bridge hike.

Bilar has a chicken intestines-like road. I think it always is, especially where you are ascending to a higher place. Its the part when I feel a little uncomfortable and at times really get dizzy. Bilar is best known for its Mahogany man-made forest. A noticeably clean place, I didn't notice a litter anywhere. A thick forestry on both sides of the road that's why it is a little darker, huge trees and slightly cooler temperature. We stopped here for a few minutes to see the trees and saw unbelievably big worms almost bigger and longer than a big guys finger.

This is also a place for caterpillar and butterfly. Simply Butterflies Conservation Center is where I've seen a large inhabitant of such. On all stages, eggs-larva-pupa to adult butterflies. Amazing to observe them where they get to interact with people and perched on their heads that practically looks like butterfly pony tails.

Simply Butterflies Conservation Center

The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Baclayon. One of the oldest churches in the country and also most preserved from the 19th century. A mini museum is located before you enter the church, consists of different kinds of statues. What is unique about this church is that they put green cloths, scarf-like outside the church where ladies wearing sando, spaghetti straps or tubes are obliged to put on if they want to enter the church. There is a cool atmosphere when we entered the church at around 1pm in the afternoon. The sun was high and wind was blowing dusts. The natural lights inside was reflecting through a multi colored glasses from the altar and reflects back up to its floor. 

Corella is one of the rest of the inland towns where you visit the Tarsier Sanctuary. They are now highly protected because at first they would let people touch them, but when we visited tarsiers are no touch zone. The government built a natural habitat for the cute creatures. Were are just too unlucky since we didn't get to see them get funky. They weren't jumping in the trees and it feels just like one lazy hot afternoon. They are just sitting while holding up in a tree branch. The tarsiers were just staring, others are sleeping  but we managed to get a bonus. They were smiling :D

Finally, Chocolate Hills

To most people, Bohol means Chocolate Hills. Here lies the Chocolate Hills Complex. They're practically green hills. To start off the fun, you will have to climb up viewing deck and enjoy a stunning panoramic view. 

Guess who got sunbaked?
                        It's gotta be me!

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