Monday, May 13, 2013

Calaguas, Camarines Norte Philippines

I thought I wanted another entry for Calaguas. I think I was too depressed that my summer ended on a meager time spent in the said place. I would say this beach would definitely make it to the top beaches for its vast all nature scenery. 

June, 2010
It was one of my besties wedding in Naga City. We already planned going after the wedding.
Its supposed to be their honeymoon but since we are pretty much like a family so the honeymoon kind of brushed off from the to-do list and prioritized the beach getaway.

From Naga City, we rented a van and only took us an hour to reach Vinzon. This is a port where all the bangka are parked waiting for their passengers. We already had Manong Udong's cellphone number before we went there so we all just need  to jumped in the boat.

Their is a wet market just beside the port so it wasn't a problem that we didn't bring anything aside from our clothing and tents.
We bought rice, meat, squid, dried fish and spam. Gawd! I miss this trip.

The boat ride took us 2 in a half hours.
It was tedious, Jay sounded a little impatient  whining over how long is it still going to take. At a 2-hour mark we still couldn't see an island with a beach front and a fine sand yet.

2.5 hours

As soon as we saw the striking white sand, It always feel like it was totally worth the long travel especially on strong waves that couldn't stop bashing the boat's bow. The turquoise water spread its arms for invitation.  A minute of silence, just staring at the water. The noise was louder as we get nearer to the shore.

It was truly a breath taking view. As soon as we got off the boat, we were chatting like crazy.
The sand is soo fine almost of Boracay's. The place was so remote back then. Only like 6 cottages. A toilet with an unfinished concrete just nearby the cottages. Trees and some plant bushes in front.

The boys immediately brought out the ingredients for a good cook to foster. As usual I played under the sun as long as I want. Even tried Josh's skim board but really, it hurts your butt when you fall.

skimboard was on the plate list!

It was all fun at the beach, swimming, walking, taking photos and getting crazy under the summer sun. The beautiful day has come to its end as the night fell. We setup our tents and the others were busy cooking supper while just talking about some crazy sh*t.

Josh onboard. Photo taken by a good friend, Bam.
Talk is always fun with liquor so who would've forgotten a bottle and some beer cans?
It was the craziest night!

Unfortunately, beaching was planned only for an overnight stay since the couple left their my inaanak at home. We thought we'll be back someday. When? I don't know yet. I heard, there's been a lot of activities being offered in the island, like boat rentals, skim boards and banana boats. Development is always better right? albeit all these facilities, I hope the government is protecting such a place I once knew as a virgin island. 

Here's more of the photos:
Back view.

Local kids enjoyed diving and having their pictures taken.

View inside my underwater cam case.

Believe it! Wang catched a fish!

I did not alter anything on the photos, all I did was crop the others.
No edit, nor action/curves on the water.
Its a natural Maldives feel.

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Katherine de la Cruz said...

Calaguas is just amazing. I saw recent photos of Calaguas and it looks like there's a resort there that good or bad?

Katherine de la Cruz said...

It's bad. Cottage price are higher. Crowded people, and I even read one blog that theres noise pollution too esp on weekends. It's pure nature when we went there, the place is (or was?) a paradise.

Katherine de la Cruz said...