Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Jay and I planned a visit to the 250 acre-land famous for its gigantic trees they call, supertrees. He was so excited he wanted to tour around its whole land.  

We did not plan to see the indoor conservatories yet which are the flower and cloud forest because of budget constraints.  But, the entrance fee is only S$28. 

One of the 2 conservatories.

Before we started walking, we decided to get a cup of coffee for energy boost since I just finished my night shift work. Tried the dine in a coffee house with a very deli chocolate cake. Oh I will never forget how it tasted. It was the best chocolate cake I've tasted so far. 

Everything is pricey inside the gardens, so If you're in a tight budget you can eat out before going. It took us about half day to walk through the paths.
Your S$28 will take you here.
View as soon as you get out of MBS
View from the Garden's bridge.
Someone awaits something to fall :P

And lastly, some night shots for you to see.≧✯◡✯≦✌

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Christian Lucas Sangoyo said...

panalo sobra yung mga night shots!!! larger pictures next time please, bitin ako eh hehe :)

Katherine Tampoco-de la Cruz said...

Salamat idol, eto sad story. hindi ko mahagilap yung original pix na yan sa folders ko. So I downloaded it from my fb account. haha! Pero hahanapin ko pa din. Gusto ko din ng ganyan kalaki ng pix mo sa blog kaso di ako marunong mag code :(