Thursday, May 23, 2013

La Union, Philippines

(• ◡•) La Union, Surfing Capital of the Northern Philippines (• ◡•)

One crazy hot summer day. We're driving up North from Manila.
I guess it was Josh' idea why were heading out.
He's all tanned up and been living in the place because of surfing.

I, Larra, Josh, RB, Ryan, Tine and Sheila has packed up and should've been ready to go by 4AM but! We made it to the road by 6AM. Lol.
Roadtrip with friends has always been fun. It took us about 3.5 hrs to reach the town of San Juan.

We stayed at a local inn where Josh knows the owner. Overnight stay.

Food is good and cheap along with beer. There is a local sari-sari store who also serves silog foods from bangus, longannisa and tapa.

Pasensya na, may lumamon na.
I think surfing lesson is one of the main source of income among locals aging 25-35.
It was 200php for an hour including a long board.
I had fun the whole hour even though I cant get myself to stand on the board for 10 seconds! My coach, Arianne was giving me all the verbal drive to push me to strive harder for a stand.

He's the only one who can perfect the stunt!

I wanted to do it again the next day.
As soon as I laid my eyes on the shining arrays of sun coming in the windows, I felt paralized. Damn I cant move my body especially both of my arms. My body is in great pain when I move it.

One thing the coaches forget when they start, they should've let the first timers do some stretching first. It was fun anyway, its all about the experience. 

Of course, we never forget to enjoy the sunset.
Might be a local surfer.

Sailormoons enjoying the sunset

Beach scenario; Sometimes even without the facilities its good to know you had fun and not having to much crowd around you. I hear and read a lot of people encounter bad experiences in some places which is now always packed with all types of person especially of mongers. ๏̯̃๏
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