Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Roxas City, Capiz Philippines

Hometown visit. January 2010

Capiz is know for being The Seafood capital of the country but would it scare you If I just utter the name, Capiz?

If Siquijor is well known for wicked witches practicing voodoo magic. Capiz is known for well populated mythical beast creatures. My hubby's family came from Roxas City and this is the place where he was born. The family decided to revisit their hometown. I had a couple of days to spend. And there we went to Roxas. 

No, there isn't a single mythical creature along the way.  ^( '-' )^

Roxas City is yet to be developed. The commercial buildings are still few and establishments are pretty much of rural places. As it is, it will always be a peaceful place at night with a hymn of a cold air breeze.


We first went to one of their relative's house and we were greeted with presumptuous meals. If there is seafood, there is always a traditional way to cook it. A couple of years ago, my parents used to having the rice cooked in a kaldero. My mother said the ones cooked under the burning wood tastes better than the one from the electronic rice cooker. Until now, I never knew what the difference is. 




Filipino's all time favorite in bare hands!
What is better than having your family eat all in one table?


They say the smoke gives an additional aroma on the food, doesn't makes sense if the food tastes smoke, the rice would taste like its been grilled or more like tutong? I never liked tutong (burnt rice). Anyway, I wouldn't like to argue about it with the elders now, do I?

Wonder Boy's 9th

The wonder boy turned nine months on the 17th of the month of June.
Family's looking forward for the 1st birthday on September and planning for a shoot for the baby.

Sharing a couple of photos.

♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪
┏ ( ) ┛♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪ 


Here's a beautiful family



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The hotel probably has the most famous name since it opened 3 years ago. 55-storey with three cascading towers, labeled Tower 1, 2 and 3, the hotel is as big as the Macritchie reserves in terms of land coverage.



This is a closeup of the tip of the boat-like rooftop.
As my family went to visit the country where I work, we decided to try a little opulence for a night.
The website is less complicated to I was able to book right away. I got too excited so I didn't check what was in the package, how stupid of me. It's usually a no breakfast included hotel I guess for 5 star hotels because we didn't get any. Not to worry, The Shoppes is just underneath the towers so all you have to do is ride the lift down. You will enjoy the luxury duplexes of your favorite designer items if you're into it. These are most of the things I just happen to pass by because I am just one of the ordinary people. I do not dream of an LV, RL, Fendi nor an MK bag. Aside from the reason being, I do not like it just because I don't, I cannot afford one. And third, If I have the amount of money to buy one of these, I would rather spend it on something else. Like gadgets. ﭢ

inside The Shoppes (mall)

We went to the room at the eleventh floor. The lift, hallways and the room is spacious. The booking did not inquire for how many persons are checking in but we got a 2-bedroom room. Just enough for my Mama, Papa, my sister and me. I love the TV not because its flat and LED. I love it because there's a menu where you will see your bill and check-out using the remote control.  ᵔ.ᵔ Howerver, do not try to remove the mini's in the fridge if you do not intend to consume it. They are put in sensor activated platform. Your bill is automated. (≧◡≦)

sometimes, there's an unnecessary mirror shot ≧◡≦
inside your closet

They call this one a Resort and Skypark. So since hotels are mainly made up of rooms, it has 2,500 rooms, restaurants, a museum -- which I just discovered now, an amazing view of the infinity pool of where the Skypark is. There was quite a full load of people so we lost interest on dipping in it. Instead, we had fun at the sitting under the lush gardens, and the trees. Isn't that amazing, trees at the top of the building. Classy for me. We enjoyed the sunset just watching the view and ate our snacks at KU DÉ TA resturant. There is another restaurant just in front of the pool but you cannot get in unless you are booked in a suite. Boo yah! I know.



Papa and Mama

My family and I had fun at the rooftop. The 360-degree landscape is beyond amazing view of skylines. One of the things the country can boast is that it comes with a healthy wind that goes inside your lungs. Definitely, its Skypark is worth visiting!

Lastly are the views at the top:






And one night shot for you:

Hope you enjoy the photos! ╍●‿●╍

PS: I don't know why the final output looks like the photos are not on the same sizes.
      I swear I've got the same sizes from the HTML code on flickr. *෴*

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Henderson Waves, Singapore


The Henderson waves stands 36m above its road. What makes in distinct is its wave-like structure as a bridge. I wasn't able to get a photo where you can see the bridge on its panoramic view because I don't have an opposite structure with at least the same height. But I guess I wasn't that creative that time.




The bridge conjoins Henderson Rd and Mount Faber Park and is a long walk of 274 meters with amazing view of Singapore landscapes. Markings on the slats are made to determine the height you are on. Since it is in a wave form it has a variety of points. 



 Lay your back and relax on these fresh looking slats made of bacau woods, its cool. Imagine the fresh breeze of air on this top spot. Also a safe place, see that CCTV camera? (~_^)




Thursday, June 13, 2013

Macritchie Reservoir, Singapore


A water reservoir, made for water reserves in this case, artificial. This reserve is Singapore's oldest reservoir and yet the biggest land I've walked through.The land covers 120,000 sq.m. I have tried jogging here, so far my farthest, almost 9km on my second visit.  






It was no ordinary walk when I first visited the reservoir. It was quite gloomy but somehow we managed to talk a walk since its just a couple of bus stops away from a friend's flat. I was wearing rubber slippers. I would've preferred to wear my sneakers but my friend didn't meantion anything rocky nor huge walk ways.

The land consists of six trails including nature reserves. As we were slouching to rest on one of the gazebos, an old man who happens to talk good english tried to tell to try to go beyond the 9km and catch the Bukit Timah reserve. I was way too tired from the jog/walk. So I insist not to go. We also tried to look for the hanging bridge but I will probably see it one day, its quite nearer to the new flat anyway. A 15km dare.  



cute turtles


What I love about this place are the long wooden boardwalks at the sides of the water. As we go along its far end, there are jungle trails that is obviously being taken care of because of the labels on the trees, pretty much those of name tags with its scientific names. We also approached an abundance of forest monkeys, we didn't know if they were harmless but they came running for the bottled water we were carrying. We just thought they might've been attracted to its flashing blue colors, so we just left it and they end up carrying those inside the forest. The last one stayed at the center of the wooden walkway trying to open the bottle.



There is a treetop, on a 250m suspension bridge way (which I didn't have a photo -- fail). It will only take you a couple of minutes to go up, probably 10minutes. If you jump its gonna shake its whole way through its end. Don't try to scare people who came walking with you.  

Not to forget we climbed the Macritchie Reservoir Tower. I can only estimate like its about five floors. Its always a landscape full of nature's best -- grass, trees and plants.


MacRitchie Reservoir Park Singapore 298717