Thursday, June 13, 2013

Macritchie Reservoir, Singapore


A water reservoir, made for water reserves in this case, artificial. This reserve is Singapore's oldest reservoir and yet the biggest land I've walked through.The land covers 120,000 sq.m. I have tried jogging here, so far my farthest, almost 9km on my second visit.  






It was no ordinary walk when I first visited the reservoir. It was quite gloomy but somehow we managed to talk a walk since its just a couple of bus stops away from a friend's flat. I was wearing rubber slippers. I would've preferred to wear my sneakers but my friend didn't meantion anything rocky nor huge walk ways.

The land consists of six trails including nature reserves. As we were slouching to rest on one of the gazebos, an old man who happens to talk good english tried to tell to try to go beyond the 9km and catch the Bukit Timah reserve. I was way too tired from the jog/walk. So I insist not to go. We also tried to look for the hanging bridge but I will probably see it one day, its quite nearer to the new flat anyway. A 15km dare.  



cute turtles


What I love about this place are the long wooden boardwalks at the sides of the water. As we go along its far end, there are jungle trails that is obviously being taken care of because of the labels on the trees, pretty much those of name tags with its scientific names. We also approached an abundance of forest monkeys, we didn't know if they were harmless but they came running for the bottled water we were carrying. We just thought they might've been attracted to its flashing blue colors, so we just left it and they end up carrying those inside the forest. The last one stayed at the center of the wooden walkway trying to open the bottle.



There is a treetop, on a 250m suspension bridge way (which I didn't have a photo -- fail). It will only take you a couple of minutes to go up, probably 10minutes. If you jump its gonna shake its whole way through its end. Don't try to scare people who came walking with you.  

Not to forget we climbed the Macritchie Reservoir Tower. I can only estimate like its about five floors. Its always a landscape full of nature's best -- grass, trees and plants.


MacRitchie Reservoir Park Singapore 298717
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