Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Capiz, Part II - Sa Dampasigan

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The place didn't get its name as the seafood capital for nothing. Dampa here is a real dampa, cozy hut along the dampasigan (sea). There were a couple of restaurants lined up in its shore. Although the sand is black, the locals are proud of its fine sand and unpolluted water. And in front of the dampa restaurants are table where fresh seafoods are laid, customer just have to choose which one they like and how they prefer the cooking. 

Since its in the province, the price is cheaper than in Libis or Macapagal, Manila. But the taste, is way more authentic than the commercial. It means, your tongue could taste the freshness of every fish, squids and vegetable you put into your mouth. It does tell a huge difference even if I'm not a master chef.


Forgive me for getting such crappy and fractional photos, I didn't even get a photo of the fresh seafood, this was taken a few years back. 

We enjoyed another presumptuous lunch as my bare wipes up and down on a banana leaf while sitting on an old bamboo made table and chair with a nice view of the ocean. 


After having lunch, we saw fishermen holding up the nets near the shore, they seemed to be properly setting the nets before work load gets heavy. I've lived my elementary summer days at our grandparents house in Camarines Sur, the fishermen starts working as early as late afternoon. The bangka (boat) leaves the shore as soon as it gets dark and there they catch fishes in the mid sea. I think not all fishermen works on a graveyard shift, eh? I see fishermen set their nets, some uses their DIY fishing gear in a water level not so far from the shore.

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