Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hidalgo, Quiapo Philippines


My husband and I, started the day by going to Hidalgo. This is a popular street for photographers in the Philippines where photo/video equipments are being sold in a gray market and genuine products. Yes, they sell it at lower cost but No, its not illegal in anyway. It is just the product minus the hustle bustle of proper documentation that goes through tedious channels. I have not had any experience of a faulty wiring nor body defects since two of my previous camera, Nikon D40x and D90 are new and in perfect condition when I bought it. And frankly, the only difference I can tell is I only get a year warranty from gray market whilst the genuine gets two. With my D90 as far as I can remember, it was purchased August of 2009. It has not yet retire and my Dad is still using it right now.

I needed to go since, this is the only place I know where I can have my lenses cleaned. My Tamron 90mm had a fungus and Mang Rino was successful in getting rid of it. It has not yet appeared on my photos but since I have time last week, I know I had to go. The fungus was gone in 2 hours. It was spotless! Together with the SB-600 flash that wasn't syncing, he also fixed it. The flash was kept in a dry box with its pouch and just as I realized I wasn't using it for a very long time since I had an issue.

Sample boring photos I took after the cleaning.



I have had his service about 4 years ago on my old lens. Here's Mang Rino's business card if you want a service to your babies. He is pretty experienced, had a small chat that he previously worked with Nikon and Canon. But I'll leave it up for you to ask him yourself why he's no longer there. I'm sure he's not gonna have a second thought telling you why.

 photo bbab0c49-6934-4c99-b3d9-18ee995e0487.jpg

We tried to look for a diffuser for the flash but I am surprised to know not a single one is available. I've checked with 5 stores. My baby is waaay outdated I think. Nevermind. I don't care. I can't upgrade. ☹

Monday was a long day.

Two more stories coming up!

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