Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kiss-ass is ≠ to kick-ass

It's not wrong to say or do something nice to people once in a while. In fact, maybe we should even practice it everyday to sometime forget you are currently sinked in a hell hole. Needless to say, everyone must be doing it because that's what they really feel. Not because that's the impression they want to deliver nor with an intent of getting a credit of something you should've done without something in return.

I have seen people like this.

At work.
As the saying goes: "Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don't strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt".

1. These type of people won't even bother to say sorry when he/she interrupts you while you were saying something.
2. Will probably disagree on your ideas and suggestions. Will probably reject all of it. Later on ending up claiming your ideas as their own
This will hit your ego and bring shame but here's a surprise! He/she doesn't care.
3. And lastly, this one man, will try to do all the task intended for a team.

At school.
1. Befriends everyone [insert evil smile here]. Will try to give everyone a hug and shows he/she cares.
2. Will probably bring food for everyone to enjoy. Share his/her toys and things with you, and everything else that interests you but you will never know what the the price in return is until he/she asks you.
3. Of course, who could've forgotten teacher's pet! I need not to say how he/she got that name, do I?

In the crowd.
You would effortlylessly look for him because he/she is always the star of all season. He/she will definitely be speaking proudly in front of a crowd. Mumbling stupidity and nonsense.

Celebrity fights so does the fans.
Following some of the small and big screen celebrities is one of my guilty pleasures, having been able to read their posts. Having fans comes haters. You will be delighted to read the comments of such. In fact, you will find yourself more entertained by these comments from the original article you intended to read about the celebrity. Sabagay, kanya-kayang trip naman yan. They would even ask too many questions even if they know there wouldn't be an answer. I just don't see the point of not taking it down a notch. Fans will always say something nice and try to defend their idols. Sometimes, I would laugh so hard of something in the context of a very stupid thing to say. One would just carelessly blurt out insults in a surprisingly 3 paragraphs. Lagi siguro tong pasado sa essay writing nung High School. 
There's a big percentage of people who doesn't have a job, but you can see there's a large number of people being online everyday. Some would even cash out their budget for the day to the internet cafe for an all day surfing. The fun of lurking around the webbies everyday. My point is, gumagastos ka sa idolo mong hindi ka man lang kilala. You're not even paid to defend them. What a waste.

Just an observation: Ngayon alam ko na mas mabuti nang maging bibo habang bata kesa sa matanda. It's just sometimes, these kinds of people sucks my day. So I hope everyone a safe day and be cautious.

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