Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lotus biscuits

Let me share one of my now favorite food. They call it coffee biscuits. Caramelized. I discovered about it because of the hype going on Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter. I have long wanted a taste of the famous cookie butter unluckily, the sellers are only in the Philippines. I however found one seller in Singapore but the stocks are coming out in August. So, I decided to purchase one in the Philippines which is already in stock.

If you're in the Philippines and interested, check it out: The Good Stuff PH on facebook. I am not affiliated with the seller. I bought 2 bottles of TJ's online delivered to a PH address, the regular and the crunchy but I have yet to savor if the mouthful news are true.

I have been drinking coffee a lot unlike before, I only drink one cup or two during my night shifts. Now, I have been drinking double even on my day shifts. Courtesy of my hubby, Organo Gold Mocha which is also my favorite coffee. Now, this is where I am affiliated. Click on the link, you can order online. Will be featuring the coffee on my up coming posts.


Anyway, going back to the biscuit. Biscuits dipped in coffee are traditional practice since God knows when. I highly recommend for you to try it out because it simply tastes heaven. Truly a perfect match for your coffee. This biscuit has a taste of freshly baked and crunchy. Dark sweet flavor, comes in 3 different packaging at the grocery store but I always buy the two pockets. One pocket consist of 8 smaller packs of 2 biscuits for only S$1.95.


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