Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Manong, you're not making any sense.

I just got back sa bayan kung saan ako nagta-trabaho. Plane landed 13mins before 2AM.

I had a long day so I hurriedly went down to get into the taxi line. I came 3rd in line. I knew I didn't have enough cash so I asked Uncle to get me a Comfort taxi. I think there is another company who also offers all kinds of payments in a cab here pero eto kasi ang sikat. I never had any problem riding in one until today.

So there it was, a blue comfort taxi parked at lane 5.

I let myself in and driver started the engine.
Quick ride about 15mins, my meter was 15.50 and came to stop in front of my nearest block. I heard the automated woman's voice utter the price I have to pay: $26.55

I immediately gave him my card and

he said: So you don't have cash?
me: Yes uncle, that's why I asked for a comfort taxi. (in a polite way since matanda na yung driver).
he: Always Philippines pay NETS. We need money!
me: so you don't want ha? (still mababa boses)

He just swiped my card and had my pin keyed-in.

I was able to compose myself. I tried to breathe. I carefully alighted the cab.

Kung sa Maynila to, narinig niya sana lahat ng paliwanag kung bakit ako nagbayad ng NETS.

Una: this is not a line of credit or utang, my payment was actual draw from my funds.
Pangalawa: Kung kailangan niya sana ng cash, hindi siya dapat nagta-trabaho sa kumpanyang to.
Pangatlo: Iniisip ko din hanggang ngayon, bakit kailangan niya ng cash, gayong isini-sumite din naman nila ang mga kabayaran sa kumpanya nila?

He should rather appeal to the company to cut the bullsh*t of having these card transactions as means of payment. What the heck is the sense of offering the said comfort of "You can pay however you want?" In the first place, this is why the company derived its name from.

Ayoko na isipin. Iwan na kita sa kahapon. 
Manong, you're not making any sense.

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