Thursday, July 11, 2013

Metaldisc, Cartimar Philippines

We have long been suki of this store. One of my husband's favorite is metal band shirts. Almost all his shirts are metalband's and I could only name a few on the branded/non-branded ones. Although we tried buying from an International store, JSR direct last time. Obviously, it did cost more, with its shipping fee and we get almost the same quality of the cloth lalo na sa dating metaldisc's original shirts na ginagamit nila noon. Today, its still a good quality but a little silky for me. It depends on the local brand they used on your preferred band. The metaldisc now no longer have those brand sewn labels.

KAT_5555 copy

So we're already in Hidalgo we decided the next stop to Recto. We took a short walk and rode a jeep. Wala si Ate, the mestiza owner of the shop that we never got to know the name but we saw twice with her husband for Arch Enemy and Decapitated gig (i think?).

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You are not gonna miss the store, once you go in its probably the second shop on your right located inside the Cartimar complex. Inline with Nocturnal. Okay na kahit wala si Ate, we bought 2 shirts. Shirts ranges about Php 300-350.

They also sell, non-metal bands such as rock and punk designs. As well as a good range of rock to black metal albums that probably ranges from 800-1200php.

The neo-colored ones must be cheaper. I could still vividly remember there wasn't any neo-colored shirt the last time I got there. Who am I to complain? I'm not the owner. I'm sure other people dig those kinds of shirts. I just hate it. Just saying.

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