Thursday, August 15, 2013

East Coast Park, Singapore

East Coast Park is the biggest Park so far I've been to in Singapore. It's the only beach park in the country located at the Southeast coast. The park is made of facilities such as restaurants, recreation and sports. 

The first thing one will realize for people activities here are skating and biking. The bicycles comes in different kinds depending how many people can ride into it from one to four person. The park is also good for people who wants to stay in shape, it has a vast land covered for joggers. As for me, the reason being I come to this place is the sea. You can sit right in the shore, just don't forget a picnic mat so you can sit in there on whatever purpose like eating, chatting or take pictures. If you may wish I heard they also have a tent rental available plus a grilling area. If you feel like you haven't had enough of the place, there are chateaus for rent. The price is advisable for a group of people because it is not cheap.

Old London BW


DSC_6116_enhanced copy

My friends and I decided to take a couple of photos of the place, hang around by the beach on a Saturday. Although the weather was a little gloomy  I had the time most spent taking pictures of the seashores and rocks for I have the love of doing long exposure as of now. I am really fascinated with the craft so I guess, I would go wherever there is a body of water here in Singapore. 


the boys were enjoying their toys
DSC_6192 copy
But someone wasn't too happy today

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Go Pro Hero 3

DSC_6036 copy

There's two specs I look for a good underwater camera -- lightweight and covers a decent resolution.


At first, I fell inlove with this Olympus TG-2 for it looks like it has a strong built, the colors are the lovely black and red and a sweet f/2.0!

My love for TG-2 didn't last that long, about 3 weeks ago, a very strong contender appeared. It promotes:
1. 12MP same as TG-2. That's high resolution.
2. high frame rates; could really be useful for a moving subject
3. very, as in very lightweight! which means I can carry it whenever I'm on the go.
3. very small; It's height is half of my index finger.


What more can I ask for? Now its time for me to test it.
This is not your ordinary camera, there's no live view in this but don't fret it can cover an extensive field of view for its ultra wide lens. Also real fun if you take a shot very near to your subject, it has a noticeable fisheye! Speaking of live view, yes there is None. This baby comes with a wi-fi remote which you can connect to your iOS and Android phones through a GoPro App. No sweat, just make sure the camera has its updated firmware. Updates are downloadable from their website There's also a comprehensive videos on how to's to make your life easier. Just enable the wi-fi on the camera and remote then you are good to go. I'm ecstatic to show you how it looks on my phone!

There's 4 Modes you can use: 
Photo: No problem as long as you don't use it at night time.
Video: standard HD resolution baby! 
Burst: Choose between 30 or 15 fps. Once you click that S button, it won't stop until you shut it. Unbelievably fast!
Timer Mode: Haven't try this one since I only use this for a group shot.

I browsed through the manual, it has this Protune feature which promises a higher resolution akin to professional cameras that uses raw formats. I have yet to try and compare the quality.

I know it doesn't have that sweet f/2.0 but this is intended for a rigid activities such as sports. Activity means sunlight. This is the only kind of a downside I see on its features when it gets dark. However, looking at the bright side, it is not necessary to cover any if the sun is down. If I must, there's my DSLR to do it. It's the reason why I bought it for underwater purpose.

The control scheme has a lot of improvements from its predecessors GoPro and Hero2 since It's hard to push the buttons especially if its in the casing. Other than that, I'm not too keen technical about its fps (frame per second) count.  30fps has gone overboard unequivocally. It was more than enough for me. It's the best sports camera in the market.

I guess what I love the most of this baby is the video 1080p @ 60fps. No complaint on the resolution at all and the sounds is just great!

Enjoy the photos and a video sample I took:






Uno_swimming from Kimahri Ronso on Vimeo.

Video has been converted by Vimeo. I'm gettin' there. Learning on how I FAQ's what codec to use to get the high resolution video. Might be doing video editing when I have time too.

GOPR3916 from Kimahri Ronso on Vimeo.
This is me, trying to learn some floating exercise.

PS: Thanks to the couple Mark and Joan for haggling over the freebies namely a suction for mounting the body used in surfboards (can use on any platforms too) and a spare battery!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chikiming the cat!

Chikiming is my friend's daughter's cat.


Funny story was told that all along they thought it's a she. They brought it to a vet and planned to have a stud as a means of capability to produce offsprings for a bigger family tree. It wasn't pretty clear why they didn't know its gender when they bought it but it just surprised them when the Vet doctor said stud cannot be done since its a he.

I didn't post one of Chikiming's photo where it exposed its tail. Could've donned his luscious longhair tail but my friend said it is summertime. The heat causes its longhair tail to thin down.



Chikiming looks a little sad or is it just persian cats are really cute but never smile. Never did I see they lay a happy face but cats exhibits being playful (by themselves) in nature. He is fond of strings like the other cats are. And he loves rolling around the floor. Extremely quiet for me and placid. It's like a baby you're trying to cheer up but the expression on its face remains the same.



He bit me with his sharp teeth as I played with him.





I wanted a cat just like Chikiming but I would want a black version.