Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Apo Island

This has been the itinerary I am most excited about but turned out to be the experience I got most disappointed. 

Tuesday, August 20th is my birthday. We woke up early about 6am to catch our free breakfast that came along with the booking. We chose from longganisa, tapa and corned beef. Among the choices includes American breakfast but all of us (5) in the group opted for a heavy breakfast before we go off the road. I ordered my longganisa which I didn't regret at all though it was just two little pieces with garlic rice and a sunny side up, it tasted real good compared to hubby's corned beef that tasted a little bland tasting Argentina.

DSC_6512 copy
I didn't bring my 90mm so this is as bad as it gets on my close-ups.

A little past 7am, Kuya Benjie sent an SMS saying hes already outside waiting. It was an hour drive to where the boats are stationed going to the island. There were a couple of people at the site which I assumed might also be waiting for their transport. We immediately filled up the manifest and got ready for another bumpy ride on the boat.

Siyempre laging may group shot.

Monsoon season.

It was a 30-minute boatride, the waves are awfully big. It scares the hell out of me, especially Joy, she screams occasionally the whole trip. Anyway, manong tried to get us to the back end of the island but he said he is not able to do it anymore so we went back. The waves came crushing on our faces and I am saddened by the fact that we cannot go near the sanctuary. And so we ended up getting all warmed up to swim the front phase of the island. There is an environmental fee of 100Php per head. I remember Em said that we shouldn't be paying it since the place doesn't look like it is being maintained at all. There were some cottages, first come first serve. An hour past and the other tourists came to the island. Found out we can opt to trek to the other side of the island to see the sanctuary but its too late now, it will take us more than 3 hours back and forth. It's disappointing but we just enjoyed diving to this obscure spot where manong was headed. We saw little fishes and enjoyed the swim until we got tired and decided to go back. The waves grew bigger as we were traversing the ocean. I promise I felt nostalgic about it just like the one I experience on our way to Malcapuya Island at Coron.


 Yep, that's a flare!
 G0524876 copyG0584909 copy

As the day ended, we went to this Lab-as Seafood restaurant. Tara took us there. I had a little too much of the baked clams, thank God for the pineapple juice! This is the part where I regret not bringing my camera, the moon was shining bright and had a beautiful reflection at the sea sight. Instead we just walked it off at the plaza to get the engine running since we are fueled up.




can you see the divers? 
Kimahri Ronso on Vimeo.
 from Kimahri Ronso on Vimeo.
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