Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dumaguete City Negros Oriental

If it wasn't for the sale seats, there wouldn't be a trip to Negros Oriental.

We have booked the trip since March and planned to go on August 19-22. As we were researching on places to go, I realized that I will always have lesser time to see all those wonderful places. 

From Singapore, my trip went smoothly with more turbulence from my previous flights caused by the heavy rains in Manila. It was the typhoon Maring that flooded the city. Fortunately Maring was gone about 24 hours when I landed. Although it was still raining when I got there, the weather forecast in Dumaguete City was cloudy. We were all absorbing positivity as we waited for our next flight, praying the weather wouldn't spoil the trip. 

We made it before 11AM at the City airport. Feeling lucky, the sun was shining bright on this side of the country. 

There was a band playing their tunes welcoming parties. We were on time for Siliman University's Founders Day. We didn't have our tours booked for Dumaguete but we had one for Siquijor.

As we exited the small fences outside the airport, domestic airports looks so much alike by the way. There was a crowd of cab drivers offering rides. Unfortunately, a tricycle which I read from blogs is nowhere to be seen. Kuya Benjie was pricing us 300 for a ride to the resort. But the others says 200. We tried to manuevered going to other cab drivers but he gave up the fight to 200. Now that's haggling! It got better when he offered a tour for us. Island Leisure hotel but is more of a resort had given me a price of P1,775.00 per head for the Apo Island tour. We managed to compared the prices and cancelled the tour from the hotel right there before we checked in. 

See breakdown below; Cost in group package:

Manjuyod Sandbar:
1.5hrs to and 1.5hrs from ; Van  = 3,000.00
--- This includes stationing for lunch at Jo's Inato
Boat that took us to the sandbar = 700.00

Apo Island = 2,000.00
Boat           = 2,250.00

I was too lazy to bring my camera when we went to town, I did however captured photos of Dumaguete City's Cathedral Church.





Watch out for more of our Dumaguete-Siquijor Trip!

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