Sunday, September 15, 2013

Manjuyod Sandbar, Negros Oriental

It was a desperate move when we reached the hotel. I actually think Kuya Benjie is an angel for having offered much cheaper tour prices. Since we landed at 11am in Dumaguete City, we went to the resort right away to deposit our baggage. The Supreme room was available so we left our things there. We hurriedly gather our beach must-haves and off we went to the Town of Bais. 

Oh, we had a detour to tank up our stomach bags with the super deli grilled chicken originally from Dumaguete, Jo's Inato. We had 1 chicken pecho each and tried their ensaladang talong. One piece chicken wasn't enough but we had to go since we are on the run to catch a nice scenery before the day bids goodbye. It was already 1PM, its a little too late to start island hopping. But we did it!


Manjuyod Sandbar, a small island located in the town of Bais. Land travel about 1.5 hours from the city and a 15-min boat ride to reach the breath-taking sandbar. The houses built with stilts were no longer looking like it was rented by people who can stay for a night. One was being constructed but the others looks too old. Seems no one has checked in the place for quite sometime. 


This is a 180 degre turn of the camera, to give you a view of the sandbar.

We enjoyed taking photos and took advantage of the amazing view. It was white and fine sand. Some parts were pebbles and starfish filled.

ikr? I only had my UWA lens.

As soon as were done taking photos, we geared up to dive into the ocean. Since we hurriedly carried ourselves to the van, I didn't notice I forgot my rash guard. I feel so dumb for neglecting to put it in my water proof bag.


The boat was hinged into the sand but half of it, you can see the darker shade of blue water. The sandbar was a humungous mountain in the middle of the ocean. Just 3 steps and you'll realize you're walking on top of its peak. 
What made us quite lucky are the small white school of fish playing around near the boat. We also enjoyed using the rear end of the boat as a diving boat since we cannot even reach the sand bank after 3 steps from where the sand is still visible.

It was a fulfilling day since we went there. We just setup the tour the minute Kuya Benjie said he can also send us to a tour. I never thought we can still arrange one on a last minute!
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Katherine de la Cruz said...

Nice benches and tables at Jo's Chicken Inato! :D

Katherine de la Cruz said...

Thank you for dropping by @Mustachio! Happy travels!