Tuesday, October 29, 2013

St Isidore de Labrador and its Convent of Lazi

I thought of skipping again but I changed my mind. I thought I was making the right sequence of this trip but I realized I've already skipped the CocoGrove Hotel after Capilay Springs. Don't worry I'll be going back, there's myriad things worth mentioning.

We were still wet after the ride from the Medicinal store and headed right away to the Church of Lazi. Lazi is one of the town where Siquijor is famous of having its biggest convent and where the oldest churches were built. 

DSC_6816 copy
DSC_6839 copy
DSC_6837 copy

As we approached the church and alighted the vehicle. Lola came approaching with a welcoming smile and said "Ang lakas daw ng energy namen." as if our spirits were kicking! Lola is undoubtedly a very friendly person, she even walked us in the museum but later had to go because she left her store unattended. 
DSC_6829 copy
Other side of the hallway, made into a classroom.

Museum entrance costs P20.00 no pictures allowed of course. There are old statues of Jesus and Mama Mary inside along with antique books written in Latin which is very interesting to look at. The photos in frames hanging in the wall are old (obviously) but well taken. I admire how the buildings were taken ages ago by some wide angle lenses albeit the creepy atmosphere seeing people in the photos with an almost shadow-like images. 

DSC_6832 copy
Hallway between the museum and a part of the convent

DSC_6831 copy
Thats Lola in the background, i'll add her photo with us tomorrow. c'',)

The collection includes a couple of sculptured Jesus in the Manger. What's interesting is its the first time I saw one Jesus in the manger exposing the private part. 

Including old cassocks priests wear, some with amusing colors and other old religious artifacts. 

Located adjacent to the convent is the Church of Lazi built in the 1880's. I don't know which source is right because I read one in 1887 and 1886. Tranquility best describes the atmosphere when you see the church outside as the trees sways with the wind peacefully blowing. The church has a wooden floor, it is noticeable when you enter the church for its creaking sound.

DSC_6815 copy
DSC_6803 copy
DSC_6804 copy
DSC_6811 copy
DSC_6813 copyDSC_6807 copy

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Old Enchanted Balete Tree

Before we headed to the spring, Kuya dropped us by a medicinal store. He said we might want to buy accessories to protect us from evil spirits. We were looking at each other like asking whats up with that. He wasn't trying to scare us but I think its just part of the tour. I do believe in supernaturals, and God forbid that I don't see one.
I should've flipped the other side of that paper shown with the oil. The note stated for the bangles, if it breaks, it means, there's bad spirits or aswang is around. Awwoooo :)

DSC_6715 copy

DSC_6716 copy

One of the worth visiting trip to go to. The place is called as it is obviously because of the huge Balete trees just beside the knee-deep spring. The trees are said to be a couple of centuries old. Balete trees are also said to be a dwelling place of supernatural beings, having heard for the longest time. The structure of the tree itself gives the creeps but at the same time I am amused how huge these trees could grow. I wasn't afraid to go near though, I even crawled in some parts of it to get into the middle part for a photo.

DSC_6740 copy
DSC_6775 copy
Me and my hubby
DSC_6734 copyDSC_6774 copyDSC_6750 copyDSC_6779 copyG0915044 copy

The locals has built a pool to contain the water in it. The place is so peaceful. I could sit there all day just staring at the oblivion with the small doctor fishes nibbling my feet. 

DSC_6764 copy copy

Monday, October 14, 2013

Lugnason Falls, Siquijor

Lugnason was our second stop of the trip. A waterfall with its small cliff and has a bedrock as big as the vertical drop and the bedrock is a shallow one.

I was so excited to see these two falls located in the region including the famous Cambugahay Falls. Well, mainly because I am too eager to try out yet another long exposure while exposed in a water environment. 

It was a quick treck. I totally envied Em's aqua shoes. I was wearing my slippers and its one thing I've realized I didn't have with me. We know, Jay and I will be gearing up for our next trip. Anyway
the water was cold on our first dip, eventually our body will get used to it. I had fun shooting and getting wet under the waterfalls!

DSC_6684 copy


DSC_6693 copy
DSC_6696 copyDSC_6703 copyDSC_6697 copyDSC_6710 copyDSC_6704 copy

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Welcome to the province of Siquijor!

DSC_6616 copy

Churches always seem like a Victorian atmosphere for me. The first structure you will see as soon as you leave the port is a church. Siquijor is a place of oldest of the oldest structures. They may not be that big since they're built during the 1700's but it sure gave me the creeps looking at some old photos. Saint Francis of Asisi welcomes everyone when you enter the province.
DSC_6625 copy

DSC_6620 copy
Another mandatory tourist shots. 
After we full tanked our bag of engines, we headed to a public spring called Capilay. This is public as in free entrance and bathe til you drop. We saw children having fun repeatedly diving into the water. We even asked them to dive a couple more times so I could take a shot but as I've said I only had my UWA with me. It's a shame the kids were too far from my lens.
DSC_6630 copy
DSC_6639 copy
DSC_6649 copy
DSC_6645 copy
DSC_6642 copy

We thought we could still come back so we decided not to get ourselves wet on our first stop. Our tourist guide made sure we all went to all the places we have to see. All of the places in this small province can be seen in a day but we wished we could've stayed for another night. We would love to go for another round to the same places. We just love Siquijor!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Smurfs

The collectibles went out as soon as the Minions were done. Not a fan of smurfs but I did watch the movie for the love of movies, yeah.

By the way the Uno owns the toys. I borrowed he cuties.

The Smurfs!
DSC_8688 copy

DSC_8682 copy
Vexy and Handy Smurf (bg)
Greedy and Baker Smurf
DSC_8684 copy
Handy Smurf
DSC_8690 copy
Party Planner Smurf
DSC_8678 copy
Brainy Smurf
DSC_8687 copy
Baker Smurf