Sunday, October 20, 2013

Old Enchanted Balete Tree

Before we headed to the spring, Kuya dropped us by a medicinal store. He said we might want to buy accessories to protect us from evil spirits. We were looking at each other like asking whats up with that. He wasn't trying to scare us but I think its just part of the tour. I do believe in supernaturals, and God forbid that I don't see one.
I should've flipped the other side of that paper shown with the oil. The note stated for the bangles, if it breaks, it means, there's bad spirits or aswang is around. Awwoooo :)

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One of the worth visiting trip to go to. The place is called as it is obviously because of the huge Balete trees just beside the knee-deep spring. The trees are said to be a couple of centuries old. Balete trees are also said to be a dwelling place of supernatural beings, having heard for the longest time. The structure of the tree itself gives the creeps but at the same time I am amused how huge these trees could grow. I wasn't afraid to go near though, I even crawled in some parts of it to get into the middle part for a photo.

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Me and my hubby
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The locals has built a pool to contain the water in it. The place is so peaceful. I could sit there all day just staring at the oblivion with the small doctor fishes nibbling my feet. 

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