Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Siquijor the Majestic

Truly a majestic place once you step your feet on the port grand. No, there's no entertainment complex near but the scenic view alone is an amusement.

We had a story of should I say quite a scene of life risking situation when we left Dumaguete on a fast craft. It was still the season of heavy shifts of the wind but the waves weren't as visible as it was like when the craft was still parked. We weren't lucky enough to get a spot at the upper deck since people were already piled up when we arrived at the pier. The boat was more than half an hour behind the scheduled time when it left. We still saw some men fixing the engines when people are supposed to be boarding already. The under deck has an a/c so we didn't have much choice.

I passed out and woke up 10mins after we left the port. I could feel a tension and some people are murmuring loud. Another 10mins passed and the ladies over the front are screaming because of the waves. The waves were gigantic as we can see it slamming pretty hard on the deck's mirror. I felt a little panic and I saw Em and Joy already had their small plastic bags ready to fill in with their discharge. I saw the man who is one of the crew is giving out those small plastic bags. I got mine just in case. Good thing Jay brought his menthol ointment I know this could be a mean to divert my brain from the tension while I'm still feeling the upbeat waves getting stronger. 

The ointment was a big help although It was no use controlling my brain thinking of what might've happened. It felt like we're in the middle of the crashing wrath of the titans. It was real, I thought we could've not make it to the Siquijor port. Thinking of my babies (cameras) getting wet is such a horror. It was terrible, thinking they will be left buried under the ocean.

Thank God it was over when we saw the port was near. All I can reminisce now is the beautiful scenery I'm seeing. The water at this port is turquoise! The cleanest water I've seen so far. This is just a port. So what more with the beaches of Siquijor? We couldn't stop, especially me to express myself in awe. 

Buwis-buhay byahe teh! We were afraid it might happen again the next morning when we leave the island, yes. But no one is stopping us to have a good time that day. It was a gloomy sky when we were still on the boat but the sky welcomed us with with a bright blue color and a striking sunlight as soon as we are about to eat breakfast at one of the local carenderia. 

When Kuya our travel guide picked us up with his multicab, we hopped in and immediately started the journey.

I wasn't exaggerating. See for yourself!


DSC_6609 copy
someone's fooling around
DSC_7197 copy
Ang mandatory tourist jump!
DSC_7173 copy
Me and Em
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