Tuesday, October 29, 2013

St Isidore de Labrador and its Convent of Lazi

I thought of skipping again but I changed my mind. I thought I was making the right sequence of this trip but I realized I've already skipped the CocoGrove Hotel after Capilay Springs. Don't worry I'll be going back, there's myriad things worth mentioning.

We were still wet after the ride from the Medicinal store and headed right away to the Church of Lazi. Lazi is one of the town where Siquijor is famous of having its biggest convent and where the oldest churches were built. 

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As we approached the church and alighted the vehicle. Lola came approaching with a welcoming smile and said "Ang lakas daw ng energy namen." as if our spirits were kicking! Lola is undoubtedly a very friendly person, she even walked us in the museum but later had to go because she left her store unattended. 
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Other side of the hallway, made into a classroom.

Museum entrance costs P20.00 no pictures allowed of course. There are old statues of Jesus and Mama Mary inside along with antique books written in Latin which is very interesting to look at. The photos in frames hanging in the wall are old (obviously) but well taken. I admire how the buildings were taken ages ago by some wide angle lenses albeit the creepy atmosphere seeing people in the photos with an almost shadow-like images. 

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Hallway between the museum and a part of the convent

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Thats Lola in the background, i'll add her photo with us tomorrow. c'',)

The collection includes a couple of sculptured Jesus in the Manger. What's interesting is its the first time I saw one Jesus in the manger exposing the private part. 

Including old cassocks priests wear, some with amusing colors and other old religious artifacts. 

Located adjacent to the convent is the Church of Lazi built in the 1880's. I don't know which source is right because I read one in 1887 and 1886. Tranquility best describes the atmosphere when you see the church outside as the trees sways with the wind peacefully blowing. The church has a wooden floor, it is noticeable when you enter the church for its creaking sound.

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