Saturday, October 12, 2013

Welcome to the province of Siquijor!

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Churches always seem like a Victorian atmosphere for me. The first structure you will see as soon as you leave the port is a church. Siquijor is a place of oldest of the oldest structures. They may not be that big since they're built during the 1700's but it sure gave me the creeps looking at some old photos. Saint Francis of Asisi welcomes everyone when you enter the province.
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Another mandatory tourist shots. 
After we full tanked our bag of engines, we headed to a public spring called Capilay. This is public as in free entrance and bathe til you drop. We saw children having fun repeatedly diving into the water. We even asked them to dive a couple more times so I could take a shot but as I've said I only had my UWA with me. It's a shame the kids were too far from my lens.
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We thought we could still come back so we decided not to get ourselves wet on our first stop. Our tourist guide made sure we all went to all the places we have to see. All of the places in this small province can be seen in a day but we wished we could've stayed for another night. We would love to go for another round to the same places. We just love Siquijor!

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