Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor

This is the most exciting part of our visit. The whole afternoon went down insanely sick until our stomach was rumbling bad of not getting fed until we decided to go after 3pm. 

The course to the waterfalls, goes a long 135 steps down, If I remember the number right. Steps were red man-made bricks for a safe walk. The waterfalls is not that huge but its stunning. With its 3 cascaded falls. 

We dove in tarzan-style dahil may baging! I pretty much enjoyed diving from the lowest and the first falls at the top. This third layer is the biggest one on its lowest part of the cascading waterfalls (usually is) with the highest cliff. Maybe about 12 feet high. We had all the fun here just diving like crazy orangutans. The first layer at the top was a small one like 8 feet high. Although its not that recognizable in these photos since I am using ultra wide lenses especially GoPro. It does seem very near and very small landscape. 

I felt bad editing the photos, they over and under exposed. :(

DSC_6867 copyDSC_6864 copyDSC_6866 copyDSC_6852 copyDSC_6858 copyDSC_6859 copyDSC_6846 copy
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 I edited all our jumps in iMovie. The resolution is a shame. I'll figure it out soon.


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