Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hotel Review - Cocogrove, Siquijor

We went to deposit our things after Capilay Springs. Took us about 30mins to check us in. Good thing there was a refreshing iced lemon tea served to freshen up a bit. 

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The lady staff said its a seven-hectare area. Its gigantic with 2 swimming pools, the bigger one is an Olympic size about 12 feet deep. 

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The staff were all wearing a smile and friendly. They gave us all the information we needed after we paid for the breakfast for the extra three heads. We got two breakfast stubs for a room we booked on a family suite. Its a big one, a second floor with 2 beds, the other can accommodate 2 people, but we all ended up sleeping on the ground floor. Joy and Em were convinced it was creepy with the windows next to their beds so they gathered the bedding downstairs. 

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We were all exhausted with the 45-min travel time from Guiwanon Spring going back to the hotel but still, we went to the Olympic-sized pool to dive and swim like there was no tomorrow.

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As usual the only thing that could stop us from anything were doing was if our tummies were rumbling. We ended the amusement around 8pm to catch dinner. Dinner was okay, overpriced, small serving on a huge plate. If we only knew, we could've eaten somewhere else that evening. 

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After dinner, we spent some time at the beach playing with lights in the wind writing names.

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In the morning, the turquoise water was still not visible for the monsoon breaks are still pumping up the water. We could've gone to the Fish Sanctuary but it was too dangerous to go. We happened to get a very good breakfast, the food was more good enough to bloat our bellies.

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