Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Flower Dome, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay is the best place your family for amusement in Singapore. It should be the number one on your To Go List!

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Flower dome is one of the biggest icons of Gardens by the Bay. Featuring a wide variety of flowers and a spectacular experience of nature inside a man-made structure called a greenhouse. The greenhouse is made of glass like eggshells that panels every window of this dome. 

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Once you step foot inside the greenhouse, you are breathing cool air vent while warm air goes out. It was screaming heat that day and I was overwhelmed by the cool temperature inside. I wished we don't have to go out. But no, you have to go out, the best landscapes are out so carry yourselves out in the open. 

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There are gardens made to list the different sceneries here so I have quite a number of flowers, beware of heavy photos. The gardens are:

The Australian garden 
The South African garden  
The South American garden  
The Mediterranean garden  
The Californian garden

DSC_7614 copyDSC_7592 copyDSC_7645 copyDSC_7583 copyDSC_7357 copyDSC_7363 copy 

Some of the beauties I found in different gardens are not common ones, some are labeled but some are not. I just love taking photos of flowers they come in different forms and colors.

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DSC_7350 copyDSC_7334 copyenchanting redDSC_7381 copyDSC_7433 copy

If you want a quick view of the Supertrees outside, you can click here for a revisit.

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