Friday, November 15, 2013

Guiwanon Spring Park, Siquijor

We were in a hurry. We saw the sun was setting about 45 minutes past the hour of 5. I thought Kuya is supposed to stop the multicab so I can get my sunset photos but he just surprised us saying we still have to go a last stop before heading in to the hotel.

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The location of Guiwanon Spring, also known as Luyang Spring since it is located in Barangay Luyang is at the other side of where Cocogrove is. We are greeted with the small plants in a black plastic bags, organized for buyers. I didn't bother asking but looks like mangroves. 

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Locals built rest houses in stilts about 3 feet high. The sunset looks very warm as the orange color reflects through the water. The algae looks alive waving with the summer wind. The end of the long walk of stilts was the biggest house with a videoke. There were people singing when we arrived but we were pretty busy sight seeing I couldn't even remember what the song was.

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All the things worth remembering was the scenic view. I love sunsets.

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