Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Laduree Macarons

Thanks Mato for this birthday treat! Love you!

I couldn't resist tasting all of them at once since I have tasted the macarons in Sweetspot at the Marina Bay Sands. French macarons in Sweetspot was my favorite until I tasted TWG and this, Laduree. 

There's two stores in Takashimaya Orchard, one at the first floor infront of Gucci and the other one at the second floor, near Joe Malone. The stores has fancy designs with fancy all over starting of with the boxes. I know its ridiculous to pay another $8 for a box in various designs. So I got mine in a regular one. 

 Store photos taken using my HTC One.

IMAG0306 copyIMAG0310 copyIMAG0309 copyIMAG0318 copy

If I'd be asked for my top three, its TWG, Laduree and Sweetspot. One thing in common of all these macarons is the mild crisp of the meringue. Laduree for me has the most authentic flavors you can get and the pie totally melts in your mouth. In a box of 8, we got 2 Liquorice, 1 Lemon, 1 Choco Ghana, 1 Raspberry, 1 Pink Pepper, 1 Choco Venezuela and 1 Yuzu Ginger. I expected Liquorice to be the best tasting macaron but turned out its the most unlikable. I thought its the counterpart of TWG's Napoleon Tea and Caramel for it has the same colors -- dark brown (almost black). If you need to choose between the two I'd recommend TWG's. Pink Pepper is the best, so rich in flavor! Its a little bit of pepper and sweet combined.

IMAG0317 copy

The minimum you can purchase is a box of 6, which I forgot how much. I'd say it should be discounted since 1 piece costs $3.80! It's worth a try for your extra bucks.

IMAG0316 copy

Unboxing my macarons:

DSC_8716 copyDSC_8715 copyDSC_8718 copy
DSC_8739 copy
yuzu ginger, choco venezuela, raspberry, choco ghana, liquorice, pink pepper

DSC_8752 copy
liquorice, pink pepper and lemon

DSC_8755 copy 

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