Sunday, November 3, 2013

Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor

This is a beach resort famous of its overrated water slides. Or should I say, was famous. I did quite a handful of research before we went on this trip. That's why I wonder why we ended up with nothing on the itinerary on Day 1. Lol. 

This resort is pretty famous of some bad reviews too. 

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People said the slides were (1)a complete waste. (2)No warning signs. (3)An abuse to mother nature. And I agree.

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The slides, made on the top of a rock mountain located in front of the beach.  There's one at the left and the other one which is bigger at the back end. The bigger one is completely useless though, for some reason something caused the slide to break, it was a disaster when you're up there. I'm not sure how long it was like that but the management isn't doing anything to fix it. 

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That's all the fuzzy news along with its rocky shores. The place is still worth visiting or can even book yourselves a room if desired. The water is a sparkling turquoise! The wind was blowing harder that the usual summer wind because of the monsoon season. I'd say no one would dare jump off the cliff nor the diving platforms they made. I myself had given up thinking when. We figured were just gonna hurt ourselves one way or another. 

The two diving platforms they made along with the slides. The one at the left, falls on a shallow water. And the other one on a deeper water but the strong current is going to drown you. 

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We felt content after going around the mountain sight-seeing at the side of the cliffs. 
Who wouldn't?

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