Saturday, November 23, 2013

Siliman University, Dumaguete City

I just realized I still have one more place to feature from the City of Gentle People. Our fourth and last day was a blast. We no longer intend to roam around and already packed up from the Majestic Siquijor. We took the 9:30AM trip and as expected, it was still a bumpy scary fast craft ride. 

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We were just glad that our feet meets the land sooner and he managed to board on the upper deck. We opted for a earlier schedule to avoid any delay to catch the plane in Dumaguete. We still got to eat at Jo's Inato, again, and drop by Silvanas for pasalubong. We were more than 3 hours early and I never knew they don't allow people to come in the local airports in 2 hours. 

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Good thing Tara lived near the airport. She arrived with her maroon van and we were thankful she was willing to tour us around the oldest American institution in the city. It was their Foundation day and there were activity booths in the University. 

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The feeling isn't new seeing the old structures. Some has recent renovations done. The most modern though is the Luce auditorium which I didn't take a photo since we were inside the van when we passed by. I am one lazy a**. I know.
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Amphitheater, Silliman University
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We did manage to tour around for about one and a half hour. And had another one and a half hour to wait for the flight. Unfortunately, the flight was delayed for almost an hour. Is there anything new in that? What is there to do but wait.

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