Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cloud Forest, Singapore

The wonders of the gardens continues here at the cloud forest. Its main attraction here is the 35-metre tall mountain, filled with tropical plants from the highlands.

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As you enter the forest-like hall, the magnificent waterfalls comes with the coolest air right in front of you. The water come from the topmost of the mountain they built and it almost looks so real. Down the foot of the mountain-ish, is a chilly feel while you enjoy the crystal clear sprinkles like a child waiting for the rainfall to drop.

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I can never forget the succulent garden and The Baobabs - they were like the ones from Plants vs Zombies. I catched a few of exotic looking plants like these and I apologize to have missed their names. The only plant I am familiar of is the ferns, maybe some are pretty much familiar but I have yet to know their names.

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The wall of the mountain is amazing as you try to ascend the platform. Starting from the lower level which they call, the Treetop and from there, is an elevator going the themed Lost World. There were no dinosaurs, but the surrounding were made like a dinosaur-era. It will soon be familiar as you step into the abyss, having seen the pitcher plants and fly-traps. These were the plants in the Brandon Frazer movie. I think it was The Journey to the Center of the Earth, if I remember it right. 

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On your way to the exit, you will see the large wall which has a projector setup for a documentary on Climate change. The ambiance is quite appalling seeing what's happening teaches yourself to be a little paranoid when a tragedy catches you. Well, yes its going to happen but I hope people should be more concern of the surroundings. See what the short documentary has taught me? It's always a good thing to be aware. Since I've been here in Singapore, I have made myself aware of my surroundings. I don't litter. Even when I was in Manila I don't throw garbage anywhere. I dispose garbage to its rightful place.

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Another floor on your way down, they call The Cavern and Crystal mountains where it exhibits mineraology and stones with different shapes. They look more of the ones you see on caves but they are in white (or dirty white) colors.  DSC_7782 copy
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