Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Walking Dead Live in Singapore

Happened in January.

Beware this is a fan mode post! 

I was simply doing my everyday routine when I check facebook at night time when I saw this shared post from Kat Andes about The Walking Dead. I didn't immediately think of going since I hated crowds these days. I guess that's one of what makes me "I'm not feeling young" mood. Hubby was the one who shed some light on going since its going to be a one time experience seeing the hottie Norman Reedus. I would be lying if I'd say Andrew Lincoln and Norman is equally handsome but Andrew is sure cute without his muddy makeup and the 300 years without a bath look. 

We arrived about 30mins before 11, the venue is not jam packed... yet so I was surprised to know that I will get to choose a spot where I can see the duo up close.

Norman is such a cool guy, playful and he loves to take photos with the fans. Andrew is not bad himself. He looks more of a serious type but he sure appreciates the crowd. I swear I had my lungs out screaming for them to to our side (again) but It was too bad it was a blind spot. I should've chosen the right side of the entrance where the two kept coming back. I just couldn't transfer anymore. My place on the left side was already in front and I couldn't let it go where I could just enjoy seeing them. Well, I'm still lucky to get to hold their hands! Oh yes!

They made this program where the duo had to go through the walkers, smash their brains out and use the toy crossbow and eventually save 2 lucky ladies at the end of the maze. When the short program ended, I noticed 2 people lifted the barricade tape and entered the area where they had they props. I didn't wait and did the same thing. Now the bouncer was pushing me and told him to quit pushing. I screamed Norman's name and gave him my cellphone so we could have a photo together, It was a successful mission standing there close to him, but the photo later became a total failure when my front camera was set in 3 secs so by the time Norman thought he caught a shot, it ended up just capturing his elbow. Damn, I know I wanted to shoot myself. Until now I am still trying to calm myself down every time I remembered what happened. 

There was a Q&A afterwards but I only learned of this event a night before so I wasn't able to register. I was soo glad I went to see them because I had so much much!

Hope you Daryl and Rick fans enjoy the photos!

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