Friday, March 28, 2014

Rattanakosin District, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a popular city in Asia for shopping. My family and I were too excited to get in the plane to see the place. My bro and I were merely fifth wheelers on this trip because my parents only chose to visit since they were looking for a business opportunity on auto parts. Anyway, the airport in Suvharnabhumi was amazing. Consists of 7 floors. The design has its Thai signature like a classic edgy structure.  

We spent quite sometime in the airport since some of the tour deals, sim cards and car rental booths are also stowed just before you pass by the Exit marquee. I grabbed the opportunity of listening to the old man in a suit showing me a booklet of tour packages. I chose the Floating market and the Grand Palace; Wat Prakeaw in the Old City, I thought it was the safest for my parents since we only have 2 days to roam around. The two tours we got was accompanied by a tour guide.  

Anyway, the real bad news here is the traffic, its horrific! I feel its twice as bad as Manila, but maybe its just the same. The only difference is I know where I can ditch the traffic jam but here, I have nowhere to go than just sit, wait and complain to myself.


We were on our way to the Paragon Mall when we experienced the horrible traffic. I noticed, Bangkok streets are accommodating tons of cars, even in car parks. You won't even see a path with less than 10 cars in your peripheral view.


I'm starting off these Bangkok posts with the exquisite temples located in the city. I adored all the temples we've seen. All of them are palace-like but is intended for devoted Buddhists who wants a solemn prayer, the tour guide said 90% of the Thai population are Buddhists. 

The grounds are peaceful except for the one side near the entrace where the stores are. The quite place is well respected even for tourists. The people managing this tourist area is of conservative of nature and lends tourists shawl to cover up before entering the pantheon.


Within the grounds of the Grand Palace, the Wat Phra Kaew or Emerald Buddha is located.


Wat Pho Temple is where the gigantic reclining Buddha is housed and where the birthplace of Thai Massage is. I had a terrible experience getting a Thai Massage in the streets of KL, I should've gotten it where the experts are. The tour guide said the golden buddha was built of golden leaf and decorated with pearls. Inside this compound are small temples that have their own names that I pretty much forgot about. 


Outside the temples are the ground with 91 mounds and a central shrine. These mounds contains the ashes of the royal family, and the large ones are said to contain the ashes of Buddha.



Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Surf's Up Buenavista Sorsogon

My holiday vacation was unexpectedly followed by another surfing fun. WÄ mentioned he is going to Sorsogon a day ahead to surf with his friends, so we opted to hop into his gig. He didn't expect us to be there the next day since its about 5-hour travel from Tabaco City. 

5:30am turned out leaving the city a half an hour late. Ride is usually smooth when my father is driving. We had hot pandesal while on the road, Omar bought a couple of junk foods and found him shopping for dried fish pusit and that fish (i forgot the name) sliced into halves and dried which ended up on our lunch plates, or should I say banana leaf for a mass attack on a rice topped with adobo, pusit, dried fish serom-serom (in Bicol), and the famous danggit.

We dropped Omar's uncle and cousin at the centro where Jollibee is and decided to divulge in my first on the list of what I miss about the Philippines, a chickenjoy! All orders were of chickenjoy and after ate beyond our limits we were in a chase of nature's best energy booster,  honey. Well, I'm not sure if many people are into this kind of honey but when my father tried this one from a local seller, he tried to get a gallon or two once he is in the area. Its all natural, fresh and cheaper than the commercial ones. I love having it with iced tea and calamansi. I promise, it beats your restaurant's favorite!

Anyway, we arrived at the place seeing WÄ's group was playing frisbee. This part of Buenavista is not on a commercial resort so it looks a little deserted, which makes it special. When we parked the car, there are small huts, one is a house, a sari-sari store and one looks like a spot where you can lie down and relax. 

The children you see in these pictures are teaching tourists to surf. They are good on what they do and have earned trophies in surf competitions. I didn't ask but as to what I observed these kids are still studying secondary and elementary school. It was school break I guess, they spent all their time surfing. 

The gears are owned by Kuya Bidge, he is also responsible of these kids learning how to surf and make a living out of it during school breaks. 


We all had fun staying at the location for more than 5 hours. Papa found children climbing the coconut trees gathering fresh juice and asked for a couple of fresh ones. We devoured the coco meat. So fresh! The perks of having it in the province, its cheap and the quality at its best. Unfortunately, we had to go back at around 3pm because its gonna be another 5hour long ride back home. 

This trip was all memorable because of the laughter we shared in and out of the van. I guess I missed my high school friends, too bad the others are in the other parts of the world. We certainly missed you!

The evidently nice resolution photos are taken by a DSLR camera, the foggy ones are by my GoProHero3. Photos that do not have watermarks are own by Wang. I can't wait to submerge this baby again in the water and I am thrilled to go fog-free!