Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bali - Day 2 + an Unfortunate Event

On our second day itinerary, we planned getting all water activities we wanted. Namely, Parasailing, Banana Boat, Jet Ski, Fly Fish, Snorkeling, Glass Bottom Boat to Turtle Island + Intro Dive 1 X. We did para sailing first and it was a para sailing went wrong for me. The activity is supposed to take me one round but ended up three. They let you wear this silly red and blue colored gloves. Instructs you to look at the guy holding the flags. If we waves the red one, you have to pull the left wing of the parachute with your left hand on a red gloves and if its blue, use the right one.

GOPR0516 G0160713

As I enjoyed the first two minutes when I ascend and glide, it was time for me to land. I did what was asked but when its time for me to pull a canopy wing, I just didn't find enough strength to pull it off. Went twice and I've still not landed. I felt fear already thinking why I couldn't pull it, I swear I had my left hand helping my right hand pull it off. I did it again on my third round and had a terrible drop on the water. The current was strong and I fell on a deep water. I drank a lot of seawater twice, I was horrified with the thought of getting drowned if the boat towing the parachute continues to drive off. The crew went swimming towards me helping me get out of the towing rope wrapped around my feet, my left aqua shoe even floated itself after the unfriendly land. 


GOPR0531          GOPR0528

One of the staff pissed me off accusing me of not trying to pull the wing but I ended up apologizing as I know I do not have the right to be obnoxiously sarcastic. I got tired explaining for a couple of times that it was too hard for me to pull the wing! Each wing should've had the spring hook so it'll be easier to pull the parachute whichever way they wanted, just like the Thais did in Phuket. 

GOPR0530          GOPR0529

I badly wanted to tell that guy who uttered the word "sh*t" in my face that I'm not an idiot to risk my life on a 100,000 rupiah worth of para sailing. Look I know where you're coming from but its not like its the first time it happened. I wasn't in my own country so I just ended the discussion with an apology. The other guys were sympathetic enough not to show rudeness.

My hands were trembling after that, I felt numb and powerless but after a few minutes we needed to finish the activities and had to go ride for a jet ski. I just tried to forget what happened and enjoyed all the water activities we booked.

At the end of the day, Jay and I just realized I had my adrenaline rushed most when I was at the top para sailing. I relived seeing my favorite view of the sea was fantastic and it was an adventure with a challenge I surpassed.

This is the video when I was up there. It's upside down because I held my Go Pro on a wrist strap.  Although you won't be seeing me crash and burn.


Tanjung Benoa Beach
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