Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Floating Market, Bangkok Thailand


We had a detour before going to the market. We checked the place out but we weren't keen enough for an elephant ride. I felt sympathy with the elephants when I saw them, they all had the same expression, seeing them in chains while being fed by the owners in a cage with a sign Pay 50-100Baht for a picture. The only thing nice in this picture is how cute is the elephant being the big smallest one.


You always find something good to eat in one place, its not worth visiting if there isn't anything good to eat. One of the things I love in Thailand is food. My favorite, pad thai! We tried pad thai at the Chatrium Hotel which has a very decent presentation. Second was from the vendors in the floating market. We had a local noodles that looks like the ones in Vietnam restaurant Po Hoa, minced meet noodles. My Mom isn't a type of trying anything that looks edible. She just ate mangosteen when we were at the market. 

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I won't forget about the coconut ice cream. It tasted so good. Its the first time I tried the flavor and I am so glad I did. There isn't a coconut flavored ice cream in the Phils, is there? The only thing I can remember has coconut in it is macapuno which I never dared tasted. I got so indulged with the taste that I bought another one, it is served in a baby coco shell with coco meat, plus the ice cream on top along with a plastic spoon. 


They say this is not the same floating market as it was before, but if you are curious you might still want to check out the traditional way of Thais for selling fruits and vegetables in the market. The first thing you will notice in the market is the over crowded stores selling various kinds of souvenirs in the market, you'll find as much as anything you can imagine from coin purse, t-shirts, wallets, bags, figurines, wooden chairs, even carved woods which you can put in a display in your house. My mom was so overwhelmed buying a couple of sets of the porcelain decorated tea cups. I bought 2 sets of coin purse for pasalubong. Just remember not to buy on the first store when you alight your vehicle. They price double what you can get compared to the ones at the end of the market, so try to save a little energy for the haggle.

The floating market is a tour we already bought tickets from the airport. I'm not sure if you can get the ride from there directly but its probable. The ride wasn't any different from an ordinary boat ride, the only difference is you pass by more houses rather than rocks, water and pure mountains when you go island hopping. Don't expect emerald waters here. These are canals you are riding on top of a boat. The place is over crowded with sellers and almost seemed like not a thriving market any more.

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